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Orzo with Bacon and Summer Vegetables

Pasta will always be the answer. Man alive, I asked you guys for help and THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Thank you all for your super rad suggestions! I’m gonna do my verrr best to touch on all of it. Maybe twice. MAYBE THRICE. But for today, we have bacon. And orzo. And vegetables. And lemon […]

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Lemon Chicken With Orzo

What does bistro mean? Because in a coffee-induced hyper episode on Saturday, I deemed this week as BLOG BISTRO WEEK. And then realized I have no idea what that means. And that I was talking to air. But I do know that it’s one of those words that when you say more than thrice, it […]

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Weeknight Italian Wedding Soup

I have a secret to tell you. Come here. Sit right here. I’m gonna whisper it into your ear drums. Ready? I didn’t make these meatballs. WHAT? YOU DI—WAIT A MINUTE, NOW. Don’t be hatin’! I know this is a food blog and all and I COULD have made the meatballs. I HAVE made the […]

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Creamy Orzo with Browned Chicken

Two things occurred to me yesterday. 1) It’s been a while since I’ve consumed heavy cream. That’s embarrassing. And 2) Oh, hi, little cherry tomatoes that I sort of forgot about in the back of the fridge that are about to grow arms, legs and a backpack and hitch hike out of our house and […]

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Orzo with Corn, Zucchini and Spicy Sausages

Did you know it’s a full moon today? Have you fallen down 13 times, worn your bra on the outside of your shirt and kissed your boss? That’s why. You shan’t be blamed. Actually, if we play our cards right, this whole full moon thing could really be on our side. We could play Follow […]

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Orzo Primavera

Orzo Primavera

Well hello Friday night. How you doin’? And howdy Mr. half a box of orzo. Oh, and I’d totally forgotten about you ear of corn! But not you asparagus. Not you. I see you back there, half of a red bell pepper. I remember you from earlier in the week. Ooooo, hello 1/4th of a […]

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