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Friday Flotsam

red living room / bev cooks

Fffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffdddddddfffffaaaaaay. I forgot about popping my fingers! I realized last night on the couch while I was reading that I think I completely forgot about finger popping. I had a weird urge to pop my fingers and show Will about said finger popping and I was like, “Wait, when was the last time I did […]

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Creamy Cajun Sausage with Linguine

Creamy Cajun Pasta / Bev Cooks

Pasta night! Get stoked. This right here has everything you’ll need for pasta night. It’s creamy, it’s rich, it’s tangy, it’s got gorgeously seasoned andouille sausage in it, so you get that bounce with every bite. And the simple factor is outrageous, so let us peepeth before I lose my mind. I think the basil […]

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Friday Flotsam

heart balloons / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrrr! i d a y . . . Things things things! Do you ever say that to your friends? I do. When it’s catchup time I feel like I say one of two things. Actually three things. One is: “Tell me something good.” I say that a lot. And also, “Tell me things!” I say […]

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Chicken Sausage Tacos

Chicken Sausage Tacos / Bev Cooks

Ooooo easy weeknight alert! And listen, a twist on tacos. Can you dig? This is actually a very, very old recipe on my site from like, 1956. I took it, reshot it, revamped it, reglossed it. And here we are. The idea is the same. We just added panache. Let us peepeth. It’s taco night, […]

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Weeknight Chicken Nachos

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Hello, my favorite new wing-it weeknight PLATTER ‘O BLISS. But I’m not dramatic about it or anything. Nachos. We all love them. We all forget what an easy whip-it-up situation they can be and completely are. This isn’t even really a recipe. It’s just a springboard to get that noggin of yours juiced up (sorry) […]

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Friday Flotsam

flowers / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrrrri forgot to start the dishwasher last night. Okay, I want to do something fun this morning. (well, fun to me, that is.) And this might require you to wake up that noggin of yours, but I swear it’s worth it! (well, worth it to me, that is.) But just give it a try! Let […]

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Cilantro Lime Shrimp

Cilantro Lime Shrimp / Bev Cooks

Probably the most intensely perfect way to make shrimp. We won’t argue about it. It’s sweet. It’s savory. It’s got attitude and pizazz and all the flavor. And honestly, it’s so simple. We’ll zip up a quick marinade, let the shrimp bathe in it, sear ’em up and call it good. Let us peepeth. And […]

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Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Wraps / Bev Cooks

You can’t get mad about the game day food, right? It’s so that time. These look laborious, but truly, they’re just odds and ends of whatever you have in the fridge that will make up these wraps. (I almost called them wrappy-poos but I remember I like having human friends.) I cannot get enough of […]

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