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Easy Homemade Pizza Rolls

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Total cop-out post . . . or brilliance. I’ll let you decide. But if it’s cop-out, don’t tell me, coo? I don’t know what it is lately, if I’m subconsciously preppin’ for the after-school snacks era, or if my little leeches love pizza and tortillas and cheese just as much as I do, but you […]

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Sweet Corn, Pepper and Green Chile Biscuit Empanadas {Tablespoon Tuesdays}

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And just like that, it got major lame-o hot. Like, so hot that I’m sitting around the house draping wet towels over my face and neck and clavicle and arms and back. So hot that I spend a good 45 hours a day sucking on Fla*Vor*Ice pops with my head in the freezer. (pronounced flaVOOOOOOORice) […]

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Chipotle Chicken Lettuce Wraps

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Ohhhhhhhhhh. Yeah, this is it. Are you tired of the same ole boring lettuce wraps? Are you feeling restless and worn out from the mundane routine of lettuce wrap chomping? Are you dreaming of a time and place where nothing matters and you can run footloose and fancy-free in the streets in that new Stevie […]

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Slow Cooker Pork Burritos

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Oh look it’s July and I turned my crock pot on. AAAW LAAWWD. Actually, I think I might declare crock pots to be the new summer appliance of choice. BECAUSE, I would put my hands all around it from time to time to test just how much heat it emits and it’s basically nil, you […]

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Chicken Shawarma

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The first time I heard about this dish, I didn’t botch the name at all. Me, “I’ll have the chicken sharmwaramaramlarmawahllalrwah, please.” The waiter thought I was such a darling that he wiggled his naked toes right in my food. Have you shawarmalarama’d before? It’s basically a popular Middle Eastern wrap where you grill all […]

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Tempeh and Black Bean Quesadillas

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This is why I’m not a cakestress. Do you see my “awwww isn’t she just precious” attempt to “drizzle” a seductively smooth guacamole sauce on my quesadillas? Right. It started off as this brilliant idea that was going to change the FACE of this blog. I got so excited, jumping up and down to Aaron, […]

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Asian Turkey Lettuce Cups

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I have a kitchen. A real life kitchen with lights and electricity. A real life kitchen with water and soap and hand lotion. A real life kitchen with a sink so large, Hugh Hefner himself would glow at the possibilities. A real life kitchen with drawers so soft and slick, I’ll no longer look like […]

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Moroccan Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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Can you believe I’m not wrapping something up in a goldarned tortilla? I know! But before we begin, did you see my boyfriend sing last night right after having kidney stone surgery? Uh, surgery made him hotter. Something about the removal of the kidney stones definitely made his eyes even more piercing and sparkly and […]

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Sausage, Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

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I’ve just made the greatest discovery of all time. Okay, not of ALL time because obviously the talents of Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams have long been bestowed upon us. But close! Let me just start from the very beginning.   I’ve been mega mama craving some sort of lasagna roll up since always. I […]

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Baked Bourbon Buffalo Wings

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Yeaaah I’m pretty sure that punt wasn’t even in the huddle when the kicker handed off that line of scrimmage in the neutral zone. Pretty sure of it. And then when that one interception turned into a fumble around the field goal, when it was blocking the blitz bomb? Totally didn’t see that coming. My […]

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