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Cilantro Turkey Meatballs with Rice and Lime

Cilantro Turkey Meatballs with Rice and Lime / Bev Cooks

WARNING: this dinner contains cilantro. A lot of cilantro. AKA: the taste of dish soap to a bunch of you weirdos. (jk i love you) Proceed if you dare. Or just sub parsley because that’s super easy and this is amazingly tasty. With the cilantro, that is. Never mind. You know how much I heart […]

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Pesto Turkey Meatballs with Pasta in a Creamy Basil Sauce

Pesto Turkey Meatballs with Pasta in a Basil Cream Sauce / Bev Cooks

Do you need me to repeat “creamy basil sauce?” Because I’m more than willing. This is sort of like a “spaghetti and meatballs” sitch but only summerfied and creamland dreamland. Plus we’re putting pesto in the meatballs, so. Things are looking up for you. And your mouths. (wipe that drool, people are looking.) I’ll start […]

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Turkey Meatballs with Small Pasta Rings

Turkey Meatballs with Small Pasta Rings / Bev Cooks

Meatballs are a love language, I say. ALL HUMANS like a good meatball. No, it’s true. Ask someone next to you. Well, from six feet back. Ask them. SEE? Everyone loves meatballs. And it’s the very end of May so I made you some! I made you turkey meatballs stuffed with herbs and onions and […]

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Turkey and Vegetable Meatball Sub Sandwiches

Turkey and Vegetable Meatballs Subs / Bev Cooks

It’s January and we’re eating meatball subs, okay? Actually, do you call them subs or hoagies or grinders? And it’s okay to call them everything because it’s the new year and the world is yours. I call them subs. Because when I was young with no jowls, I used to be OBSESSED with the little […]

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Indian Turkey Meatballs over Rice


Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhh. Meatballs. But not just any meatballs! Turkey meatballs. But not just any turkey meatballs! Indian turkey meatballs. But not just any Indian turkey meatballs! I’m not sure what to say now. But! This is sosososoosososososoooooogood. It’s like spaghetti and meatballs, but totally twisted and turned upside down with seductive spices, a buttery marinara, […]

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Asian-Spiced Mini Meatballs Over Vermicelli Noodles


I get excited about a lot of things in life. Thunderstorms, marula oil, strong coffee, boot cut jeans, the return of my favorite TV show(ssssssssss), thrifting, incense, pinpointing an eyelid twitch that’s been driving me bonk-a-lonk for hours, and Antiques Roadshow. But that’s just the tip of the Bevberg. (omg sorry) But this? Oh. THIS? […]

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Mexican Meatball Soup


Meatball-eh meatball-eh! Okay. I’m already royally scrizzed for this month. See, Aaron and I have this tradition. And I should know better, really. Each Halloween we watch scary movies. And they’re across the board scary. Like, Scream-scary, Rosemary’s Baby-scary, Poltergeist-scary, Joan Rivers documentary-scary. Anything goes. But a couple of days ago we accidentally totally on […]

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Spaghetti and Meatballs


From the ages of 9 to 19, I lived in New Mexico. I lived in a small desert town in the Southeastern corner called Hobbs. We used to say, “It’s not what’s in Hobbs, it’s WHO’s in Hobbs.” Boy was that the freaking truth. Because WHAT was in Hobbs was tumbleweeds, oil and HEAT. And […]

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