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Spinach and Pork Meatball Subs

Pork and Spinach Meatball Subs / Bev Cooks

Okay, we might have a bit of a Dr. Seuss situation on our hands here. Because these meatballs are green, bruh. And in the best way. I wanted something substantial. Something with guts. And blanketed under 13 mountains of cheese. And what I came up with was meatball subs. But with pork. And so much […]

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Creamy Potato, Spinach and Sun-dried Tomato Soup

Creamy Potato, Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Soup / Bev Cooks

It’s slurp time. You knew it was coming. I think actually that this is my last recipe of the year! I think. Maybe? I can’t decide just how active to be on this blog over the next two weeks. It’s giving me so much trouble lately: pages not pulling up, not being able to comment […]

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Bowtie Pasta with Italian Sausage and Spinach

Bowtie Pasta with Italian Sausage and Spinach / Bev Cooks

We’re going back to a basic today. An oldie but goodie. A classic. A NEED-IT-YESTERDAY situation. Ready? And it’s just a few ingredients, so hip hip hooray, bruh. The beauty of this weeknight wonder is that you can swap in or out any small pasta. Shells all ya got? Use ’em! I like the bowtie […]

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Cheese Tortellini Soup with Beef and Spinach

Cheese Tortellini Soup with Beef and Spinach / Bev Cooks

I’m basically giving us the green light to get our slurp on. You good with that? (duh, you are.) Today’s kick-off to soup season is a simple, rustic, delicious doozy. I went to ALDI not long ago, completely salivating over the idea of a beefy soup, but with tortellini in it. Cheese tortellini. Had to […]

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Seafood Noodle Soup

Seafood Noodle Soup / Bev Cooks

It’s really just shrimp, but when you say seafood you’re going places. I made this soup a couple times leading up to deciding I needed to shoot and slap it on the blog for you. I’m not sure what took me so long because it’s totally a this blog type of recipe. Simple, vibrant, not […]

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