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Poached Egg Bruschetta and Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Get labored! Actually, don’t. I know it’s labor day, but I think the hidden meaning behind it is, “dooo noooothing todaaaaay.” And by nothing, I’m pretty sure it excludes the following: * drinking lots of hot coffee. * finishing Fifty Shades of MY EYES. MY EEEEYES. * flipping through the pages of the 45 trillion […]

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Shrimp Boil for Four

Boil, baby, boil! So this is funny. When I was a little kid I used to think people were saying shrimp bRoil. And I’d be like, “I can’t wait for the shrimp broil!” And everyone would say, “It’s BOIL. Like boiling it in hot water.” Me, “Right! Broil. It’s gonna be so yumm” – “BOOOOIL.” […]

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Horseradish Deviled Eggs for Jenny’s Baby Shower!

Oh no we di’iiiint! Surprise, Jenny! I made you eggs. Get it? Like, the eggs in your uterus that became a human? AND they’re deviled, since you’re having a boy human. I MEAN RIGHT? Ya know, I’m really diggin’ on the idea of a virtual baby shower like this, because it eliminates the possibility of […]

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Lemony Roasted Potato Salad

My microwave is haunted. No, it really is. When I heat up anything, and then close the door after I’ve taken the food or coffee out of it, it starts up again, but only for a few seconds, like maybe six total, and then stops. Do you think it’s the ghost of my old kitchen […]

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Chicken Koftas

I’m a little nervous. You see, when we planted our vegetable garden we used our own compost along with fertilizer and manure for the bed. A nano second later we noticed sprouts appearing all OVER the bed. These weren’t seeds we planted you guys. These were volunteers. Intruders. Burglars. So we compared the sprouts to […]

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Almost Weekend Soup

I keep thinking it’s Friday. What a cruel trick my mind is playing on me. The good news is, I have 3 more power foods to share with you tonight! This should help us coast into the weekend safely. Oh who am I kidding, WHY IS IT NOT FRIDAY? …that felt good. Tonight’s suppa features: […]

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