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White Bean, Kale and Italian Sausage Soup

It’s all about the rind, n’est pas? I have no idea why I threw a little Francais into that sentence. This isn’t even a French soup. Let me start over. It’s all about the rind, I MEAN RIGHT, YOU GUYS? Yeah, that was just straight up obnoxious boulevard. Question: Do you freeze your cheese rinds? […]

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Cheesy Black Quinoa Bites and Garlic Chicken Spring Rolls

I know, I know. It’s Saturday. What gives? I just feel like it’s taken me all flippin’ week to get my groove back, STELLA. And I just found out that Click and Clack from Car Talk are retiring and I just don’t rightly know how to handle this unexpected hurdle in life. Don’t they understand […]

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Lemon Pan-Seared Chicken with Buttered Orzo (& a Pioneer Woman Giveaway!)

I’m not actually giving REE away, you guys. Marlboro Man would haaave myyyy hiiiiide. But I do have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to BUTTER YOU UP, OMG I sure did just say that. But wait! Chill your cheelah because I actually DO want to talk about this butter for a smidge. Wow, I just got […]

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Shrimp Pasta with Tomatoes, Lemon and Spinach

I wish I could replace the inside of my mouth with this. AND, I’m just now figuring something out. I think angel hair pasta might be my favorite pasta in the entire world, including Vermont. I dunno, something about the thinness, the slipperiness of it, how evenly it gets coated by sauces, how much of […]

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Bruschetta with Shrimp, Mushrooms and Green Garbanzo Beans

Before we go any further here, I need to come clean about something. I don’t know exactly how it happened, or what was going on inside the cerebral mass inside my head skull, but it did happen. And I can’t go back and fix it. I’ll never be able to go back and correct the […]

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Paprika Shrimp Over Creamy Egg Noodles

Yoooooou’re heeeere, there’s NOTHING I FEEEEAAAAR. That was the sound of my face at the end of Titanic (in 3D!) last night as the lights came up in the theater and tears bucketed from my eye sockets and my husband leapt from his seat and ran out of the room as fast as he could. […]

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts Ravioli

I don’t know how else to say this. But I would almost 100% rather have this meal coursing through my veins than blood. Okay wait, I take that back. I wouldn’t be able to taste it. What I really want is for a single ravioli with a light coating of tomato sauce to sit on […]

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Salmon in a Spicy Garlic Tomato Sauce

Go ahead and blow up the kiddie pool. And maybe aim the sprinkler system at your eyeballs. Because when your tongue meets this un.fa.lip.pin.ing.be.liev.able sauce, your sinuses are going to give you the bird. I don’t want to scare you, but daaaaaaad GUM, this meal will punch you in the face. And I’m no sissy […]

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The Weidner Steak Marinade

DING DONG. The doorbell rings. The sun has set. I’m in egg nog-stained yoga pants and my sock bun doth saggeth. Gripping the 14 heart attacks scrambling to escape my chest bone, I walk over to the kitchen window and peek out to see a UPS truck zipping away, leaving me with a gigantic cardboard […]

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Angel Hair with Chicken Sausages, Tomatoes and Kale

The secret is in the lemon. But before you scroll down looking for the beauty shot of the lemon, let me break it to you, it’s not there. You see, I didn’t even think about adding lemon juice when I was making this dish and then all of a sudden as I was about to […]

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