March! What a teasin’ snoot.

Monthly Mixtape

I have to remind myself every single year, BEV DO NOT GET EXCITED ABOUT THIS, YOU’RE ONLY FOOLING YOURSELF.

Yet every year I get excited about this and fool myself. It’s a sickness.

First off – spring is in 15 days. FIFTEEN DAYS. Should we interlock fingers, press our foreheads together and chant? No? Oh. I kind of wanted to.

However, you wouldn’t know spring is 15 days away, given the amount of strange, white packed substance all over the grass and garden beds. That, and that the temps look to be hanging like throat phlegm in the mid to upper 40s for the next 14 days. It’s fine.

I’m fine.

This mixtape! It’s exactly my mood these days. (you’re like, so you mean depressed?) No, you. Zen! At least, attempted zen. THE PURSUIT OF CHILL. If the weather isn’t warm and green and zippy, neither am I. So I have to counteract it with mood. (don’t say vibes. for the love of god do not say vibes.) Ethereal! Droney. Relaxed and haunted, with a kiss of trippy. This is that CARRY-OVER playlist until happy happy joy joy makes its return.

And you know what, I can aaaaaalmost guarantee that you’ve never heard of these songs. At least 90% of them. You probably know 10%. (see how good at math I am?)

There’s snow on the ground, yes. But think about all that energy right underneath the surface that’s buzzing with anticipation to bust through and wake everything the h e l l up. Including me. I’m asleep right now. Just kidding.

Weeeee! Let’s listen to some March music.

I give you . . . The “WAIT, IS THAT A SPROUT UNDER THAT SNOW” Mix.

Also, I promise never to say happy happy joy joy ever again.

This time last year.

Two years ago.

Three! Wowza.