Three Women and a Trader Joe’s


I’d never been in a Trader Joe’s. I’d never even seen one. I’ve heard people gush over it for years and years, and I’d stand there, yawning and scratching my arm pits, as I couldn’t relate to the majesty and glory of this so-called utopia of a grocery store. It was about a year ago […]

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Sneak Peek


Okay you guys, I’m not gonna willy nilly around with this, but today was a good day at I’ll post pictures soon, but I had a GUEST OVER. Yes, I have friends. Why is that so surprising? For now, a lil’ sneaky mcpeeky. (I do apologize.)

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Indian-Spiced Yellow Wax Beans with Black Quinoa


Yesterday I picked up some yellow wax beans at the farmer’s market, with zilchy ideas of what to do with them. I even asked the seller and his response sounded like he was gurgling cough syrup. “Uhh, okay, that sounds great!” I said. I walked away quickly, frightened, and alone. But thanks to your suggestions […]

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The Little Creep We Call “Snack Attack”


It happens every afternoon about this time. I start thinking about dinner preparations, and they appear. Out of nowhere. Like little whispers of sin, seducing my brain cells. Hints of snack attacks. The dreaded snack attack. Then they grow. Ohhh and grow. And slowly start to eat me alive. Before long I’m wiping back the […]

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One More Cup


My great friend Carrie and I have a mid-week tradition of getting together each (or every other) Wednesday to talk food, marriage, shoes, gardening, our dogs, and food. We also like to talk about food. We try and meet somewhere different each week, whether it be the pool, a bar, a coffee shop, or one […]

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Spicy Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas


I know this might sound completely insane, due to these incredulous temperatures we’re experiencing, but for some reason warm, cheesy, baked, gooey chicken and spinach enchiladas called to me today, begging on hands and knees to be eaten for dinner tonight. Oh, but see, it’s okay! You don’t have to admit me into a psych […]

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