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Chocolate, Cheese and Wine – Oh My!

Chocolate, Cheese and Wine - Oh My! / Bev Cooks

You had to see it coming. I don’t think there’s anything greater in this life than a) those three words back to back, and b) eating those three words side by side. And let me just say, I’m no cheeseboard pro! Because I feel like it’s all in the mix and match, try this and […]

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Friday Flotsam

Friday Flotsam

FRRRRRIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEDAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEY. Have I ever told you the glue story? No, no, this isn’t a dream. It’s an actual true fact event in this life of mine. The glue story. No? Okay, this will be fun. It was 1996ish, and I was going to college in Abilene, TX for a teensy bit. My dear friend from […]

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Monthly Mixtape: Couple Skate

Monthly Mixtape: The "Couple Skate" Mix

Hello, February! Did you know we have a leap day this month? Does that mean the extra day DELAYS the gray hairs, or speeds them up? I have yet to decide how I feel about this. That photo right there? ^^^ I’d like to think this is a pivotal moment of discovery in their lives, […]

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French Toast Nuggets


Balemtime’s Bay! Yeah, I’m that obnoxious d-bucket who says Balemtime instead of Valentine. I know. I’m actually getting mad just typing it out. What’s even worse is if you heard me say it. It’s not a regular voice. Oh gosh no. It’s a high-pitched squeak that sounds somewhere between a dolphin and a drunk muppet. […]

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Valentine’s Day Roundup!


Happy Almost Valentine’s Day! Or as I like to call it, Balemtime’s Bay. It’s . . . endearing? I thought today we’d take a lil’ stroll together through some old romanticalized posts, hand in hand, to get our hearts and souls in gear for what tomorrow brings. Oh you don’t want to do this hand […]

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Fresh Lobster with Potatoes and Corn


Well, that was. . . interesting. Aaron and I decided on having fresh lobster this year for our official Valentine’s meal, last September. (I like planning!) And yes sir, I mean buying the lobster ALIVE and cooking it ourselves. We experienced the whole rigamaroo 4.5 years ago when we were visiting family in Boston. And […]

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Steak With Pesto Gnocchi


So, as bistro week continues (the only real thing I learned about the meaning of “bistro” is that I need to grow a mustache for true authenticity. DONE. And gross.) we’re having steak and potatoes! By the way, bistro week did in fact start on Monday with Aaron’s pasta, and then on Tuesday with soup, […]

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