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The One I Love – Nightlight Sessions

The One I Love - Nightlight Sessions / Bev Cooks

YOU GUYS. I don’t even have words. Like, no words. Besides all the ones I’m about type out right now. Remember when we went to Little Rock last month and saw my sister Barbara, her husband Dustin and their girls for the first time since 1987? Right, you remember. (this photo was from 1954. Not […]

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We Got New Kitchen Windows! And Now I Want 500 More.

We Got New Windows! And Now I Want 500 More. / Bev Cooks

Remember last fall when I found that photo of a French casement window in an abandoned castle on Pinterest and was like, “I WANT THAT.” (said like pirate ship lady in Napoleon Dynamite) Remember? Well we got some! Sort of. In a non-abandoned castle way. Want to see? Of course you do. So they’re not […]

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Top Ten Moments of 2020

me in NYC / bev cooks

Happy New Yeaaaar! Everything went completely back to normal today, right? No? Oh. Well, before we violently shove, kick and bury 2020 into the deepest and darkest corner of our cerebrum, I want to share with you my top ten favorite things/moments/discoveries/whathaveyous from this year! Last year. And zero has to do with a news […]

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Pots and Pans and Plates, Oh My!

Pots and pans and plates, oh my! / Bev Cooks

(Honestly, you had to see that coming.) Check it out, I finally got around to getting this together for you! I know it’s too late to be considered “gift guide-y”, but I’ll link out what I can, and if you’re so inspired, you can take this into 2021 as kitchen style/vibe/steez/lewks/vibez inspo. Not even sorry […]

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In-Home Holiday Styling with Golden and Pine!

In-Home Holiday Styling with Golden and Pine / Bev Cooks

Surprise Sunday bonus blog post! Also happy November! Are you recovered from your candy coma? It’s my mission today to distract you from all the calories that yesterday forced upon us. Let’s not even think about it. Instead, let’s look at pretty holiday photos taken by the fabulous Meghan Savage, ‘mkay? I’m not going to […]

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Our Life Rhythm. OMG those words are the worst.

Our Life Rhythm / Bev Cooks

I mean, I could technically call this a schedule, but where’s the dream-catcher-moon-tide-glow-beam fun in that? You can call it a groove, a rhythm, a flow, pulse, WHATEVER. But we all have one, whether you like it or not. You’re like, “wait is she talking about a period?” Recently on IG I posted about our […]

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Summer’s Canceled, So We Built a Playhouse!

Weidner Backyard Playhouse / Bev Cooks

WARNING: proceed with caution. There are only about 55 thousand and a half photos of this dern thing. Now that we’ve had that talk: hello, good morning! Playhouse deets are here at last! Okay, most of them. This is the thing. Aaron made it up as he went along. But I managed to wrangle the […]

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Do You Have To Let It Linger? Yes, Actually You Do.

Bev and Bar - Linger

There simply aren’t human words that can accurately articulate how much the combination of this song + this experience means to me. Besides the entire onslaught of words I’m about to unload on you. Ohhhh, The Cranberries. Any of you who were real-life friends with me back in the day might remember that there was […]

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