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Friday Flotsam

lamp with beads

Flooooooogy! I mean Froogy. Floody. Friigy. Friiddy. Friday. I need help! You’re like, UNSUBSCRIBE. So, I’m speaking at Indulge Conference in LA in like, two weeks (omg), and I need to write my (45-minute! omg) presentation. But . . . I’m stuck. I don’t know what to saaaaayyyyaaaa. Oh don’t look so shocked. The presentation […]

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How I Met Your Father

photo 7

Kids, I’m going to go ahead and just get this first photo out of the way, so that by the end of this post your stomach muscles will have kicked the lid off the tickle box and burned it down. As the date above shows, this was the year 2000. (said like Conan) But it […]

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My Granddaddy

photo 4

I lost my granddaddy yesterday. Even at 91 years old, and having lived an extremely charmed and fulfilling life, there’s still something that aches. Grandparents aren’t supposed to die. Sadly, it was a long time coming, with a failing this and an ailing that. But it was the unexpected diagnosis of pancreatic cancer that took […]

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Simple Beef Street Tacos


Takin’ it to the streets! I . . . don’t know what that means. BUT, after finding out I passed my (SECOND stab-o-tron) glucose test, and passing another test that shows I don’t need to be on bed rest (at least at this point), aaaand watching my dawg frolic and play like a normal little […]

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Poutine Pizza {Tablespoon Tuesdays}

poutine pizza

Oh as if you didn’t see this coming. Sure, anyone can poutine some hotdogs. That’s easy. But have you ever thought of poutining a pizza pie? Because thiiiiis is a whole new ballgame. Actually not really. Anyone can do this too, so just ignore me. But don’t! It’s an absurd monstrosity, yes. Pizza dough, french […]

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