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Simple Rosé Sangria (FOR SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY.) (mine.)

Simple Rosé Sangria / Bev Cooks

It’s my birthday! So I made you (me) (us?) rosé sangria. ROSÉ SANGRIA. But before I even begin this blab fest, you should know I hate fruit and wine together. Hate it! Which makes this entire p0st a walking contradiction on birthday clown stilts – but listen. I can explain. A while back, when my […]

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Lobster Rolls

Lobster Rolls / Bev Cooks

Today I’m 40. FORTY. I have no idea what this is supposed to look or feel like, but I just bought myself a birthday tongue scraper and jogging visor, so I feel this is pretty much on target. (You’re like, “Waaaay too early in the morning for the words tongue scraper, lady.”) Remember when people […]

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DIY Birthday Crown

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We’re getting a birthday over here today! Well, two birthdays. Two babies + two first birthdays = two first birthday crowns. See how good at math I am? First and foremost, these crowns are pretty jank. But I so don’t care. They’re janky cute. Cutesy jank. Two jankies + two cutesies = six proseccos. See […]

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Spicy Bean Dip and My 2-Year Blogibirthery!


Happy Two-Year to meeeeee! Who wants bean dip? Truth is, I nearly forgot about my blogibirthery. I KNOW. I’ve been super distracted lately becauuuuuse there’s this tree in our back yard. This huge top-heavy tree in the back left-hand corner of our yard. And over Memorial Day weekend, when we were out of town, doing […]

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Eeeez mah beeeerrrthday! And okay. I totally baked a chocolate pie and was so excited to share it with you today, buuuut yeaaaaaah. My meringue was more like ma-WRONG and my pie filling was more like puddin’. Which actually worked out because I found two small garden trowels in the garage, duct taped them to my […]

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Bloggy Anniverary! Or is it Birthday? Or Both?


It’s my blawgiversary! My blawgirthday. My blirthday. I’m now a blog-a-toddler. A bloddler. I’m 1! Isn’t that weird? A whole entire year into this thing and I still know absolutely nothing. And guess what I’m doing today. I think it’s rather poetic if I have any say in this life. I’m headed on a midnight […]

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