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Homemade Wild Onion Oil

Homemade Wild Onion Oil / Bev Cooks

Chances are, you probably have wild onion in your yard. Like, onion grass. Wild onion. Green onion. Know what I mean, Vern? And if you don’t, you’re still a good person. You can get some wild onion (or even chives!) at the farmer’s market and rock on with your bad self. A) I haven’t said […]

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DIY: Hand Sanitizer

DIY Hand Sanitizer / Bev Cooks

Hi! How are you coping? 2020 is weird, right? But I’ve got something for you today juuuuust in case you need it at some point. Because hoarders be cray. Also, I decided back in, what – 2017 that I would no longer say “cray.” LOOK AT WHAT THIS VIRUS HAS DONE TO ME. Also also, […]

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How To Make the Worst DIY Snow Globes Ever.

How to Royally Fail at Making DIY Snow Globes / Bev Cooks

Also known as, the day Christmas crafting turned its back on me. I almost didn’t post this. Because frankly, these DIY snow globes totally blow. But then I thought, “You know what, it’s my job to watch out for fellow crafters out there. Make sure they take no wrong turns in craft life! Lead them […]

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DIY: Rose Water Face Wash

DIY: Rose Water Face Wash / Bev Cooks

We’re making beauty products! Well, just one. We’re going to make one beauty product. But still. !!! This is theee easiest and most gloriously and exquisitely luxurious face wash OF ALL TIME. (don’t quote me on that.) But it is. Until I come up with something better, THIS IS IT FOR MY LIFE. (and face.) […]

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How I Use Beeswax Every Day (Four Recipes!)

How I Use Beeswax Everyday (Four Recipes!) / Bev Cooks

“Be my little baby bumble bee (Buzz around. Buzz around. Keep a-buzzin’ ’round.” (<–name that song) It’s heeeere! My mammoth post about beeswax is finally here. I can tell you’re all buzzing with excitement. (<–don’t hate) Alrighty! I’m so excited. Let’s start with supplies. I broke this down into four sections, ranging from easiest to […]

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DIY: Sage Dream Catcher and Eucalyptus Wreath

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I use the words “dream catcher” and “wreath” veeeeeeeery loosely. But, hello: CRAFTS! You’re like, “Bev, that’s a twig, a little string and some sage leaves.” Yes, yes it is, pigeons. You’re welcome. Not only are these crafts boo-honk simple, but they’re like, super nature-y and stuff. Yay! And it’s fall, so double yay! And […]

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DIY: Tea Rose Perfume Oil

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Pop quiz: please tell me you remember the amazing Tea Rose perfume from the 1990s. Please. I guess that was more of a question, rather than a quiz. Let me rephrase that. Pop quiz: how many of you remember the amazing Tea Rose perfume from the 1990s? NO ONE? NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU? […]

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