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Monthly Mixtape: Wispy Winds and Foamy Rims

Monthly Mixtape: Wispy Winds and Foamy Rims

YES I SAW THE TAYLOR SWIFT TOUR DATES! (sorry to scream) I probably won’t sleep until I’ve successfully secured tickets for me and Nat, but that’s neither hither nor thither. (Also, I know my site looks weird. We had mega technical issues over the weekend but we’re slowly getting back to normal. Maybe.) It’s November! […]

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The “Chill It and Trip It” Mix

Roses / bev cooks

Good morning it’s May! It’s been May for five days. But I feel like you might have a needed a reminder. That it’s May. Ohhhhh you guys this mixtape. I’m so excited because it’s different than anything I’ve posted before, and I have a feeling it might just do the trick for you. It sort […]

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