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Friday Flotsam

fox and pearl spread / bev cooks

FFFFFFFFFFFra la la la laaaa la la la DAY. (<–did that even work?) I like a good gift guide. It’s not even the gifts that I’m so drawn to. It’s the collection. It’s the pretty arrangement of products on white backgrounds with a sophisticated font luring me in. I might only notice 5% of the […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015! (plus a fun discount)


JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE ALL THE WAAAAAY. It’s gift guide time! And I swear, I’ll keep this post (semi) short, only because I know you have a kagillion other guides to sift through, cookies to bake, ish to wrap, and your cat to keep from knocking the tree down again. And just so you […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide!


Presents!! I almost don’t want to call this a Mother’s Day gift guide, because I very much remember the excruciating era of my life when I wasn’t a mom. And wasn’t able to be a mom. And I very much remember that lingering ache in my stomach. I promise I’m not going to get all […]

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