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Holiday Gift Guide 2023!

Farmer's Market calendar / bev cooks

It’s here! And hopefully early enough that you have plenty of time to forget I posted it. Ha! Oh. I’ll keep this simple. About twenty items that I’ve loved forever or am currently loving and/or both. Let’s rock. Ahhhh the Madewell Transport Tote. I’ve had mine for quite a few years and it just gets […]

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Cozy Winter Favorite Things!

candle / bev cooks

A gift guide . . . in January? Naw. Let’s think of this as HYGGE SEASON INSPO. All caps necessary. Also I don’t have a recipe for you so this is what you get. Ha! Oh. Perhaps you got a little Christmas money that you’re sitting on and need help in deciding what to get. […]

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Valentine’s Day Gifties Just for Fun!

pink candles / bev cooks

Happy Sunday! I know it feels like we’re still recouping from the spending spree known as December. I get it. And you may loathe holidays like Valentine’s Day. Which is fine. You’re still a good person. But! If you’re of the human variety that needs a reason to feel to feel a little cozy with […]

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Knack Gift Boxes!

Knack Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

Ohhhhhh do I have a fun gift idea for you! Not only are these gift boxes super stylish and fun to put together, it’s small business support. BIPOC-owned support. Women-owned support. Something amazing you get behind while getting that holiday list narrowed down to zilch. Boom. It’s called Knack. Have you heard of them? A […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

It’s heeeere! The official 2017 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE THAT’S PROBABLY TOO LATE FOR MOST. Let me also say that zero of this is sponsored. Not one single letter or comma or period or space. Just crazy love for ish I have, or ish I want. RING THOSE BELLS, Y’ALL. Let’s go. For you. I mean […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide!


Presents!! I almost don’t want to call this a Mother’s Day gift guide, because I very much remember the excruciating era of my life when I wasn’t a mom. And wasn’t able to be a mom. And I very much remember that lingering ache in my stomach. I promise I’m not going to get all […]

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Last Minute Gift Guide

For Babies Gifts

Ten days until Christmas and I’m just now showing you a gift guide. Oops? Seriously though, lots of people wait until the veeeera laaaast second. They thrive in the chaos! They blossom under the pressure! They flourish in the mayhem! Not me, dudes. No way no how. I would have 57 panic attacks if I […]

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