Is it just Kansas City, or is it a non-stop Niagara soak sitch for you, too?

Not that I’m complaining! I L O V E rain. Sosososososomuch. Love it like something psycho.


It’s starting to cramp my steeeez, man. And my kids’ steezes. And my house painters’ steezes. And my sandal’s steezes. And I’ll stop saying steezes.

So I decided to have a little fun with it. To commemorate this deliciously gloomy, drizzly, stormy season of early-spring drenched days, I’ve made you one of my coloriest mixtapes ever. Because if you can’t beat it, listen to it, right?


Monthly Mixtape: Hear the Rainbow

                                                                   (photo via this.)   

It’s a rainbow mix!

Hold on, not that these songs are about rainbows, GUYS. Because not even I am able to sink to a level of cheesery like that. (although I’ve tried.) More like, every song has a color in the title. The colors of the rainbow! Plus a lot more because you know I can’t leave well alone.

We move from white to black through this mixtape, and along with it, certain moodalicious moods. Because rain and storms can evoke many a temper. Rain is calming, sombering, exhilarating, relaxing. And on the off chance that the whole shebang ends with a rainbow is even more magical. Emotionally colorful, if you will. (you can punch me.)

Except listen, I couldn’t find a good song with Smaragdine in it, so don’t get peeved that it’s not in this mixtape.

For your next drizzle fest, stormy sesh, or just for today, I give you . . . the “Hear the Rainbow” mix.

(get it? instead of taste the rainbow? you know like the candy sloga – right.)

This time last year.

(tell me your favorite stormy tunes!)