Monthly Mixtape: Zoned out Droned Out

You’re about to get soooooo vibed out.

First of all, happy March! Our trees are already budding. Daffodils are in full force and I’ve heard an achoo or two in the distance. Spring is here.

And this mixtape is exactly what you’ll need for this seasonal transition. It’s all instrumental tripped out lo-fi jazz experimental psychedelic moooooood music. You in?


I follow this dude on IG, and he’s always showing off records that paint a picture. That set a scene. That deliver a vibe and places you right in it. Which is exactly my entire personality. So I took some of his recs, did a few deep dives on Spotify and found other similar artists in this vein. And it’s extremely addicting. Very background and head-bobbing and groove getting. Just ask Stella! Haha!

Never mind.

You guys, get in this right now. You won’t regret a single beat.

Without another word, I give you . . . the “Zoned Out Droned Out” mix.

I mean come on.


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  1. Rebekah S March 5, 2024 at 9:25 am #
    Love it!

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