“Oh, PFLAG. I’m beginning to like the sound of that.” Name that movie.

Every time I look at this pizza I think of that quote.

And of course it’s then followed by the utter embarrassment of what I’ve actually done here. I mean WHUT is this?

bacon flag pizza

I’ll tell you what it is, cheelah face. It’s freedom. It’s the dawn’s early light. It’s the perilous fight. It’s Betsy Ross sitting in her little chair watching the Golden Girls whilst sewing the very first American flag.

It’s the first man on the moon. The birth of your first baby. A breath of clean, fresh air.

It’s watching your tomatoes grow in your little backyard garden. It’s running your fingers through your man’s hair whilst standing on the edge of tomorrow.

It’s being gently swung on a tree swing in the open meadow while watermelon popsicle juice runs down your pretty white lacy dress that borders on a doily.

It’s making your own choices. Saying what you feel like saying. Taking evening strolls where you FEEL like strolling!


I’m totally kidding this pizza is not about that. Please don’t turn me in to the authorities.

I repeat: do not punch anyone in the face.

Oh, hey! Did anyone guess the quote from the top?

Bacon Flag Pizza for America on the Tablespoons.

p.s. Ignore my white balance issues. One of my toenails had grown a little too long and was rubbing the inside of the neighboring toe and it basically threw everything off.