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Cozy Winter Favorite Things!

candle / bev cooks

A gift guide . . . in January? Naw. Let’s think of this as HYGGE SEASON INSPO. All caps necessary. Also I don’t have a recipe for you so this is what you get. Ha! Oh. Perhaps you got a little Christmas money that you’re sitting on and need help in deciding what to get. […]

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16 Favoritest Things in 2016

Wicked Good Slippers - L.L. Bean

Happy 2017! I think I already said that the other day, but I’ll say it again. Happy 2017! That probably makes three times now. Whatever. “People stopped saying “whatever” five years ago.” “Whatever. I’m outie 5000.” <–name that show. Before we get too nestled into the new year, I wanted to go back and give you my […]

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.

No-Kead Bread

Well hey! I totally meant to slip this post into the final moments of last week, last month, last YEAR (hahahah! oh.), but our entire brood was struck with a wicked case of the snots. A cruel round of the aches. An immoral dose of the coughs. In short, we were like, way grody. So […]

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