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fall leaves


Let’s discuss.

Also, tons of spoilers in this, so skip to the next part if you have yet to watch it. Or hate ghosts. Or are a scaredy cat.

We almost finished the sixth episode last night. And only because we kept falling asleep! I KNOW, I know. It makes zero sense. But I hear that it’s episode six that ish gets TOW UP. What I do love and appreciate about this episode is that it’s mostly one take! At least in the scenes with specific people. Did you notice that? That whole opening part in the funeral home and lobby is one take. And then someone opens a door and it goes back to the past. Then THAT starts another new take. So cool.

We’re at the part where they’re looking for baby Nell in the haunted house. But Aaron was sawing SO MUCH LOG that I stopped it. With ten minutes left.

Ten. minutes.

I know.

But this is what we think we know for now. And what I predict. Nell is clearly the Bent-Neck Lady. At least up to this point she is. She is seeing herself as a her future ghost self. AND HER MOM straight up killed her. But did her ghost kill her husband? Or her mom’s ghost? ARE THEY ONE IN THE SAME?

But this is also what I think: I have a feeling that the dad kills the mom in the haunted house because she goes all psycho b on him. And the kids are so traumatized (although they don’t know yet!), that all the current ghosts and hauntings they experience as adults are THEIR MOM. Am I right? Am I way off? We’re barely at the half-way point, so I might be totally off.

Am I?


ALSO, who is that old granny sitting on the bed in episode six when they’re looking for Nell?! And the little boy in the wheelchair? That’s where I stopped it. Right there. Right after that.

What are your predictions?

Also also, I seriously couldn’t tell all the adult women apart for the first three episodes. They look so much alike!

Also also also, Theo is soooo Angelina Jolie, right??

Tell me what you think. Or if you’re finished, if I’m at least on the right track.

I’m probably not.


Just kidding.

mini jacks

Speaking of Halloween movies and shows. I promised a list of what we’ve watched and another list of what we plan to watch, so here we go, ghosties.

WHAT WE’VE SEEN::: (And no judgement. Or hate mail.)

The Endless (on Netflix) – good! not super scary. I fell asleep.

The Wave – INCREDIBLE. Not really a Halloween flick, but still intense and keeps your attention. Just have the audio set to the original Norwegian language, and not the English overdubs, if you don’t like to have your life ruined.

Casper – ’90s Ricci! It was okay. Fun-ish for the kids. I barely paid attention.

Hotel Transylvania 3 – eh.

The Orphanage – SO GOOD. Fantastic and interesting and incredibly sad in the end.

Truth or Dare 2017 (not the brand newest) – UM, HOLD ON TIGHT. And watch Friends reruns afterward, to cleanse your brain from what you just saw. (and then come back and tell me what you think of the ending!)

Mazes and Monsters – baby Tom Hanks! It’s AWFUL. But fun. And hilarious. And so ’80s. And I love the main girl’s monochromatic clothing. The end.

Monster Squad – hahahahahhaha! We’re still friends, right?

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown –  every single morning from October 1st to October 31st, every single year. That cartoon gives me life and makes me a better person. The end.


Obviously finish out House Hill Haunting.

The Babadook – never seen it! Already scared.

Insidious – will I pee my pants?

Dark Water – the Japanese version. It looks insane!

And that’s it. I thought my to-watch list was way longer. And it’s only the 19th.

Help me fill it! We’re only watching movies we’ve NEVER SEEN. So, no classics this time around. Only new stuff. Well, to our eyes.

What are you watching? Are you sleeping okay? Do we need to hold hands and chant rainbow unicorn glitter happy mantras?




Just kidding.

white pumpkins and a baby hand

Do you think the word cat is in the word scat because cats scat?

Or is scat created from the word cat because cats scat?

These are the things I think about at night and always.

mini tree ghosts

I need help!

Oh please, don’t you know me at all?

And I’m really jumping the gun here. I won’t ask you about Thanksgiving (wait, are you hosting?), or Christmas (wait, have you started shopping yet?) or New Years Eve (wait, are you going out or staying in?) This is WAY more premature than that.

Next summer (told you), we reaaaally want to go on another 30-day relocation. Just like we did this past June in Connecticut.

But this time, the PACIFIC NORTHWEST.

Specifically, Oregon.

More specifically, Oregon coast.

But I know very little about that area. Which is why I’m coming to you, as you clearly govern my life.

We want something semi close to Portland and Eugene. You know my obnoxious obsession for Portland, and I’d loooove to take the kids there a time or 40.

But I’ve never been to Eugene or Astoria or Cannon Beach. I’d love love LOVE to explore that whole area for a month and become super hipster and get a minimal sleeve tattoo of a bird and a half moon and a coffee cup.

Tell me about the good coastal towns!

I know you know.

twins and a fire

Weekend plans?

It’s going to be mid 60s all weekend (hu-freckin’-ray), so we’re ripping out the rest of our garden (rip: ‘maters), and prepping the area for fall and firewood. And fun! Just kidding.

We’re bedazzling Halloween costumes this afternoon and having risotto for dinner tonight. What are you having??

OH, WHEN SHOULD I BRING MY CACTI IN? Sorry to scream at you.

You’re still upset that we fell asleep in episode six, aren’t you?

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20 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. dde October 19, 2018 at 8:03 am #
    I haven't seen it because I'm a baby, but I heard 'The Strangers' (with Ben from Felicity! and Liv Tyler!) is completely terrifying.
    • Tara October 19, 2018 at 12:07 pm #
      I only saw that once and was terrified for weeks (months?) after!
  2. Jackie October 19, 2018 at 9:32 am #
    No idea about the Oregon coast but my husband grew up in Gresham (just outside Portland) and loved going to Mt Hood and the Columbia Gorge.
  3. Erin H October 19, 2018 at 10:15 am #
    I've only spent the day at Cannon Beach but it is gorgeous! And bonus.. the Goonies rock is there! And the food in Portland is amazing. AND the Tilamook factory is not too far from Cannon Beach. Win!
  4. Nicole October 19, 2018 at 10:18 am #
    My two favorite places on the Oregon coast are Gearheart and Manzanita. We live across the river from Portland and these are our go to small, quaint beach towns. Cannnon beach is in the middle of the two. Gearhart - Oregon Coast Visitors Association Explore Manzanita! – Your guide to a great time at the beach! If you go to the portland area you have to visit Mcmennamins. Edgefield is my favorite. McMenamins: Pubs, Breweries and Historic Hotels in Oregon and ... PNW love!!!!
  5. Angie Windheim October 19, 2018 at 10:27 am #
    I've lived in Oregon all my life. Pacific City is a gem and we just discovered Yachats...very cute with all the cool rock and violent coast view points. Newport has the best food. Bella Beach and Olivia Beach are the quaint coastal rental neighborhoods of dreams, but you'll have to venture out to get to the other areas. You'll be driving a bit to accomplish Portland and Eugene, but it's all worth it. And, you probably need to carve out time for wine country (Dundee), Mt. Hood and The Gorge / Hood River. Canon Beach is neat but also popular and busy. Astoria is historic and Buoy Brewing is worth a trip all by itself.
  6. Ashley October 19, 2018 at 10:30 am #
    Yay for Oregon! I live in the Willamette Valley about an hour from Newport. Seaside area is where a lot of people from Portland go when headed to the beach, and can be pretty fun (it's just north of Cannon Beach). I would perhaps looks closer to the Pacific City area so you have easier access to some fabulous wine tasting areas, cause that's important. We have family with a beach house in Oceanside, a suuuuper tiny town outside of Tillamook, but it's right by Netarts Bay which has an amazing little oyster place and a beach that is never very crowded. Highly recommended!
  7. CJ | A WELL-READ TART October 19, 2018 at 10:31 am #
    Loving your scary to-watch list!! I keep a log of all scary movies that I want to watch, and have watched, because I'm that girl who has started the same scary movie several times only to realize after 30 minutes that I've already seen it...whoops. Haunting of Hill House -- REALLY good. I didn't expect all the family drama, but I liked it. Kind of like THIS IS US meets the supernatural. And, yes, all I could see when I looked at Theo was Angelina Jolie. Glad I'm not the only one! I really liked the show ,though I do think it went a bit off the rails in the last few episodes. I know we're bending reality a bit in general with this whole premise, but once they return to the House, ish gets seriously weird and pretty outlandish. Just wait. The other movies -- I loved THE WAVE, basically because I love natural disaster movies. However, this movie made me realize that I will probably never survive if I am trapped in a tsunami. Those characters held their breath for hella long time, and I just don't have that lung capacity. Nope. THE ORPHANAGE is one of my FAVORITE scary movies. Guillermo del Toro had a hand in it, and he is a genius. Brilliant film and is always on my list of recs. I was not impressed by the BABADOOK. A little scary in one part, but overall a lot of hype for nothing. Bah. Watch THE CONJURING (the first one) instead. Way better. I love the INSIDIOUS movies, and I find them to be one of the scariest franchises out there. James Wan is a horror god. Try OUIJA: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL. I know, most sequels are horrible, but THIS one is fantastic; much better than the original. One of the scariest movies I've seen in ages. You'll recognize some actors from HILL HOUSE there; LuLu Wilson (young Shirley in HILL HOUSE) blew me away as such a young actress. She's amazingly terrifying in this movie, which is one of her firsts, and you just know she's going to Be Someone Some Day when you watch her in this. I also recommend THE HALLOW--an Irish ghost/monster story; STEPHANIE -- supernatural/apocalypse story; WE ARE NOT ALONE; BE AFRAID; SATANIC; and THE DEAD ROOM. I don't think you would have seen any of those; they are not so mainstream. Oh, and THE POSSESSION with Denny from Grey's Anatomy in it. It's older and more mainstream, but REALLY scary! Okay, this comment is massive. Apologies. But I got too excited about recommending scary movies to stop. :-) Enjoy!!!
    • Bev Weidner October 19, 2018 at 12:24 pm #
      This is suuuuper helpful! Totally nixing BabaCROOK. :)
  8. Mary October 19, 2018 at 11:56 am #
    We have a beach house in Manzanita on the Oregon coast and it is the cutest little beach town. It’s just south of Cannon Beach and about 2 hours from Portland. We live in Wilsonville and make it to the coast once a month. Our son loves it over there, there are cute shops and restaurants, antique shops and about 15-20 miles from Cannon Beach. It’s quite for sure and you tend to have the beach more to yourselves.
  9. Tara October 19, 2018 at 12:11 pm #
    I looooved The Haunting of Hill House! So good! Theo was totally a baby Jolie. I also watched Hush yesterday because she and her husband wrote it and he directed her in it and I thought she was great in hill house. Hush was ok. I was disappointed in The Babadock; mainly the ending. The Conjuring (first one) was amazing if you haven’t seen it.
  10. Michelle Lahey October 19, 2018 at 12:13 pm #
    My husband and I lived in Portland for a little over a year, and you can't go wrong with any part of the Coast, in my opinion. Eugene is also SUCH a fun and cute and vibrant town - great breweries and restaurants. One specific recommendation for the Coast is Tillamook: cheese factory, DeGrade brewing, and AMAZING roadside Mexican food.
  11. Kristen Anderson October 19, 2018 at 4:50 pm #
    Babadook is so scary! Like I won’t watch it again so scary. The Strangers is excellent and Hereditary is a new one that completely freaked me out!
  12. Amanda October 19, 2018 at 8:29 pm #
    Oh I love 90’s Casper! I need to watch that with my son this year. Also totally with you on Hotel Translvania 3- that movie was horrible!!
  13. Angela October 20, 2018 at 2:06 pm #
    Can you tell us how to make the little ghosts? Like what kind of fabric and what are they stuffed with?
    • Bev Weidner October 23, 2018 at 6:14 am #
      Sure sure! So it's foam balls from the hardware store + cheesecloth + glue + twine + markers! And you just anchor the twine into the foam balls with little metal brads. Or a bent paperclip works! Have fun. :)
  14. Wendy October 20, 2018 at 4:34 pm #
    Yay! I live near Portland, Oregon! Wilsonville too...hi Mary! I have to 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) Manzanita. Also Netarts Bay/Oceanside. Cannon beach and Seaside are super touristy and busy. They are great for a visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there for a month. Manzanita is a little more laid back, great little walkable town, super charming and friendly with ice cream and coffee shops, restaurants and bars. An amazing pie place (Sisters and Pete’s)! It’s the local’s gem that I wish we could whisper in your ear so we don’t give away our secret! It’s still very close to cannon beach for more shopping, eating, sightseeing and elbow rubbing. Netarts is further south, we go camping there every summer. It would be a good day trip from Manzanita. Jacobsen Salt is harvested there and you can tour their facility. Tillamook cheese factory is a must do with the kids, and Blue Heron as well for some goat love/petting and Brie. Yachats is awesome. We love it, but it’s a little farther south. I wouldn’t make it a homebase, but perfect for an overnight combined with seeing other sights. Ice cream on the boardwalk at Seaside...Sea lion caves...peering over Devil’s Punch Bowl...Moe’s chowder...Depoe Bay...exploring quiet little beaches...tidepooling...Astoria! There are so many gorgeous spots along the Oregon coast, you will looove it.
  15. Krissy Allori October 21, 2018 at 10:45 am #
    Hey Bev! You know me from Indulge in LA this past spring. I live in Oregon in between Portland and Cannon Beach (about 30min from Portland w/o traffic). I live on a 10 acre piece of property with chickens and the sweetest goats you'll ever meet. Like ever. If you come up here, you'll have to stop by on your way out to the coast so you and your little ones can hug a chicken and kiss a goat... or the other way around.
  16. Jenny October 21, 2018 at 12:29 pm #
    There’s no shame in the monster squad...
  17. Alicia October 30, 2018 at 12:00 pm #
    Ok, Oregon resident here! I agree with the above commenters! But I have to put in a plug for Newport and Yachats! Basically the entire coast is awesome so wherever you stay, you should plan many trips up (or down) the coast. Each town has its own unique points but I think perhaps very few of them have enough going on to entertain you for an entire 30 days. Maybe stay somewhere central as a hub for day trips along the coast as well as to Eugene, Corvallis, and Portland?!

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