Linguine with Sardines. Don’t Gross Out.

I finally did it. After two weeks of teetering on ideas, I finally opened up the can of sardines, took a nervous peek and decided what to do with them. You guys, those suckers are not cute.

After many suggestions and google imaging, I thought about preparing them on sort of bruschetta, all fancy-like in a row with fresh herbs and lemon zest on top. But after taking a look at their faceless nastiness, I decided on a simple garlicky linguine with spinach, sardines and breadcrumbs. They’re chopped up, sort of hidden and not so scary.

Omega 3? Try Omega 3 million!


Linguine with Spinach, Sardines and Breadcrumbs:

p.s. I absolutely loved this dish!

What it took for 2:

* 1/2 pound linguine

* 3 garlic cloves, minced

* pinch of crushed red pepper

* 1 can of sardines, deboned and roughly torn with fingers

* 4 cups baby spinach

* 1 lemon

* 3 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil

* 1/2 cup whole wheat breadcrumbs

* fresh cilantro or parsley for garnish

* coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

Cook the pasta until it reaches al dente.

In the meantime, heat 1 Tbs. oil over medium high and add the garlic and crushed red pepper. Bloom for 30 seconds. Add the sardines and cook about 2 more minutes. Add the spinach and let wilt. Spritz in half the lemon. Using tongs, transfer the cooked linguine into the skillet and toss to combine. Add the breadcrumbs, a pinch of salt and pepper. If needed, add a little bit of the pasta water to create a sauce. Add the remaining 2 Tbs. oil and toss. Spritz with the other half of the lemon, add the herbs and dig in! Don’t be scared.

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