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Chocolate Coconut Pie

Chocolate Coconut Pie / Bev Cooks

I made you pie! I made us pie! I’m a pie maker! (not really.) Listen though, this is big. Big for me. I made a chocolate pie and it’s actually to die for. Look at that CENTER. Now I will say, I have the patience of a toddler hummingbird on crack, so I didn’t let […]

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Plum Galette

Pie Galette / Bev Cooks

It’s Galette Day! (<–not a thing.) You know how I’ve been on a pie journey for a while now? I’ve been on a pie journey for a while now. (don’t tell my waistline.) I absolutely love making pies. Am I good at it? Jury’s still out. But making the crust from scratch is this weird […]

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Baked Peaches with Rosemary and Cinnamon

Baked Peaches with Rosemary and Cinnamon / Bev Cooks

Is there such thing as a cozy summer dessert? There is now, Chachi. And listen up, you can grill these! The original recipe (which I’ll show you) is from a lovely cookbook that I was gifted this summer (thank you, Jessica!) after hosting a mom summer party on my back garden patio. And the peaches […]

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Blood Orange Rosemary Yogurt Cake

Blood Orange Rosemary Yogurt Cake / Bev Cooks

Look at me posting CAKE. What is this world? However, this one has Greek yogurt and rosemary and blood orange in it, so it’s more savory leaning. In a way. In my head. In our mouths. I’ve seen yogurt cakes hanging around my pinterest feed for a bit now, and I’m very into the idea […]

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Banana Cream Cheese Skillet Cake

Banana Cream Cheese Skillet Cake / Bev Cooks

Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Is it in your mouth in less than what’s appropriate? All correct answers. So listen to this, the first time I made this recipe, the vision was . . . well, I’m not sure what it was. You know I tend to *experiment* with baking, which drives Aaron bananas […]

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No-Churn Peach Ice Cream

No-Churn Peach Ice Cream / Bev Cooks

We all scream? We do indeed. And it’s no-churn which means this takes less than zero effort. Wahoo! (<–I never do that. Felt weird.) Remember back in 2018 when I made this No-Churn Rocky Road Ice Cream? Same thing, but with peaches. This one’s easier too, so get jazzed. La-heeeeet us peepeth. All (I think […]

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Chocolate Oats Pudding with Peanut Butter

Chocolate Oats Pudding with Peanut Butter / Bev Cooks

Dessert alert! Dessert alert! This is your official warning! I can chill. Okay, you guys. It’s like, a pudding thing. A granola, chocolate-y, peanut butter pudding thing. I have no idea. It was one night earlier this summer when I was craving something sweet but not obnoxious. Something with texture but not stupid. Something that […]

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Chocolate Ricotta Torte

Chocolate Ricotta Torte / Bev Cooks

Ricotta! Cheese! Cheese. It’s just great. I know you get (understandably) nervous when I bake. I get it. I do, too. But this turned out! It’s flourless, dense in a way, creamy in another, light in another, succulent in another, sinful in another. But don’t look at my cinnamon sprinkling abilities. It uh, got out […]

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Chocolate Pizza Rolls

Chocolate Pizza Rolls / Bev Cooks

Look who shows up the week before Christmas, eh? (it’s me.) Let’s not call this breakfast because I don’t feel like being severely judged today. Don’t ask me if I gave these to the kids in the am before school one day. Just don’t. We’re in a good place. But look at these! Festive little […]

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Pumpkin Cream Cheese Skillet Cake

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Skillet Cake / Bev Cooks

He…he….here we go, y’all! The Pumpkin Cream Cheese Skillet Cake. (I baked!) Right in time for the big day. (I baked!) My Wannabe Baker Chronicles continue, you guys. This time in pumpkin form. Which, okay. POOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLAH! Are you a pumpkin fan? (I’m not looking at you, pumpkin spiced latte fans.) I mean like really. Pumpkin […]

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