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Roasted Chicken with Fig Butter


Uhhhhh yeah. That would be fig butter all over this thing. But before we begin, is it bad form to want to offer a hurricane a drink? Isaac is going to be here shortly and I’m so excited I’m putting on dang mascara. Fig butter. Doesn’t it sound so Downton Abbey or something? “Me Lady, […]

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Roasted Moroccan Chicken Salad


I don’t guess I need to go into detail about how loudly I screamed last night when you know who made it into the the Idol finale, do I? What about how ridiculously awesome I looked with imaginary pom poms cheering, “TWO FOUR SIX EIGHT WHO DO WE WANNA RUN AWAY WITH TO A REMOTE […]

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They Call Me The Guest Poster Child


O. M. G. Guess freaking what? I’m guest posting. Guess freaking when? TODAY. LIKE, RIGHT NOW. Guess freaking how? I dunno, man. She just asked me to and I freaked my face. Guess freaking why? Because she’s my new best friend and I just finished making us friendship bracelets. Guess freaking where?  EAT. LIVE. RUN. […]

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Simple Roasted Chicken


Chicken. It’s a win-win. No matter what you do with it, you’re sure to wear giddy pants while eating it. Grilled, seared, stuffed, shredded, poached, baked; honestly, the world is your oyster. I mean chicken. The chicken is your oyster. I mean, the world is your chicken. Wait, the chicken is your chicken! . . […]

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