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Hit Me Babies One More Time

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So, I’m seven weeks and one day into this whole being a mom thing, and I kind of can’t believe someone hasn’t yet locked me up and swallowed the key. I have to say, we’ve definitely found our rhythm. I have my weekday rhythm. We have our weekend rhythm. And Charlie is clearly content with […]

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Snow Day with Twins. And Wine.

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It snowed in Kansas City! It always snows here, so I have no idea why I just got so enthusiastic. Let me start over. We had our first snow day with the babes! Actually, they were born on a snowy day, so never mind. Let me try again. I never got out of my robe […]

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So I Had Some Babies


It was January 6th, the coldest day ever. Ever in the history of the world and ever loving everness. I was 37 weeks and one day pregnant with a boy and a girl (ninja?) inside my cranktankerous belly. I was swollen. I was crampy. I was contractiony. I was anti-bacterial-y. I had makeup on! But […]

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What it Took For Two (AKA: I Have News)


I have a feeling you’ve started to catch on. I’m not posting regularly. I’m whiney-er than normal. I’ve grown a rando cowlick on the back of my head and my dreams consist of plaid lizards rescuing me from a 75-foot chocolate waterfall whilst wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle princess dress. Yeeeeeeep. I’m totally knocked […]

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