The Ultimate Family Challenge Contest Kitchen Throwdown Expedition Series

A substantial amount of fun was had over the last 48 hours. My sister-in-law Carolyn was in town visiting. When we’re together things get dangerous. Things get crazy. Things get silly. Things get fun.

After a successful morel mushroom find at the farmer’s market, a lazy afternoon eating subs in the park, and the viewing of the hysterical “creme fraiche” episode of Southpark, the competitive bug bit all 3 of us, which led us straight to the kitchen. We were each in charge of a side dish, using only what we had in the pantry, fridge and freezer. We were to try each of our sides and pick a winner.

I’ve never seen Carolyn so determined to win something. I think I even heard chanting coming from her station. You guys she was foaming at the mouth.

The results were beyond remarkable. She created a most gorgeous mushroom crostini, while Aaron zipped around the stove with bacon, paprika shrimp, corn and red onion. I took my scissors to the garden and brought back collards, arugula and mustard greens, to which I wilted quickly in butter, garlic, shallots and peas.

Carolyn picked Aaron to be the winner. I picked Carolyn to be the winner. Aaron picked…wait, he never picked. Let’s just pretend he picked me.


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