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The Great Weidner Baby Nursery Reveal


It’s done! Allllll done! Now we just need two babies to stick in here. But not for another 5 or 6 six weeks. Hear that, babies? Keep baking. Or broiling? Whatever’s going on during these last few weeks. Of course I have the most obnoxious amount of photos for ONE TINY ROOM. But I can’t […]

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Maternity Photos: I Promise There’s No Paint Involved


Happy Halloween! Let’s . . . look at some belly photos? I didn’t plan to post these on Halloween, but it’s just as well as I didn’t make anything ghoulish or goblinish. Actually, if I stand in the kitchen for too long these days *I* become a hairy, hunchback, snaggletoothed goblin myself. So showing you […]

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Kansas City Baby Shower!


I’ve been meaning to post about my KC baby shower since 1974, but with my lame computer in and out and in and out of the hospital, I was terrified the photos were going to disappear into the abyss-o-sphere and I’d never see them again. But we’re all good! And now I can show you! […]

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Arkansas Baby Shower!


Bebe sherrrrrrrr numero oooone! Talk about being in the spotlight. I was so nervous. I got all sweaty. I got all rambly. I think I said the word nipple like 15 times and that’s why people started to leave? We’ll never know. This SHOWER, ugh. It was perfect. It was adorable, beautiful, lovely, fun, darling, […]

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Nursery Wish List: Part One


“Baby, baby. I’m taken with the notion, to loooove you with the sweetest of devooootiooo-haaan.” First of all, please don’t give me a wedgie. Second of all, I SWEAR this blog isn’t going to become super preggo-centric. It’s just, with the mad summer rush of friends and family visiting, weekend getaways, and still coming out […]

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