Monthly Mixtape: Crispy Leaves and Chilly Knees

October! Favorite month of the year. Hands down. H A N D S D O W N. No question.

Montly Mixtape: Crispy Leaves and Chilly Knees

Except I really love April, too. October and April. The end.

Yesterday was heavy. Awfulness in Las Vegas, and the passing (but not passing, but passing, but not passing, and then finally passing) of Tom Petty. TOM PETTY. What is happening in this life when freaking Tom Petty dies?!? He’s always been a gigantic favorite of mine, espeeeecially teamed up with Stevie Nicks. Good gracious yes.

Matter of fact, have you seen the four hour (YES FOUR HOUR) documentary on Tom Petty’s life called Runnin’ Down a Dream? It’s beyond captivating. Four hours slip by in a heartbeat, and at the end, you know almost all there is to know about the history of his personal life and career and hair. Sooooo fascinating. Ya gotta watch it, otherwise I don’t know even know what we’re doing here.

Massive, teary, heartbroken (no pun intended) RIP, Tom. At the last second last night, I threw one of my all-time favorite Petty songs on this mixtape. I felt it rather appropriate to include Mary Jane’s Last Dance. My weeping soul fairies governed that move, so if you have any issues with it, take it up with them.

This mix! Let’s chat.

There’s no real THEME this time around. Some songs are ’90s golden, some are way way older, and some are brand new. Obviously I had to include my current obsession song of In Chains by The War On Drugs, BECAUSE I CANNOT AND WILL NOT STOP LISTENING. But other nostalgic tunes made their way onto the mix, because they all feel so fall to me. It’s not quite cold outside yet. The leaves are juuuust starting to turn, and Halloween chat is all the rage. I adore this time of year, gall darnit.

This mixtape is playful, upbeat, a little dramatic at times, but with romantic dips here and there that will make you put your hand on your heart and go, “OHHHHHHHHHHMYGAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.” I know how you do.

I give you . . . the “Crispy Leaves and Chilly Knees” mix.


This time last year.

This time two years ago.




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6 Responses to Monthly Mixtape: Crispy Leaves and Chilly Knees

  1. Ashley October 3, 2017 at 2:09 pm #
    Love this mix! I've been so obsessed with He's Fine lately.
  2. Hallie Sawyer October 3, 2017 at 9:45 pm #
    I got married in October because I love it so much. I'm so ready for the crisp air! I'm loving the mixtapes--always love finding "new" music. Music makes the mood for me and it only takes a damn good song to perk my ass up. ;) Thanks for sharing these gems!!
  3. tara October 4, 2017 at 8:56 am #
    Matthew Sweet!!!!!!! Yes!!!
  4. Sharon October 4, 2017 at 1:08 pm #
    My friend told be about your blog, she loves your blog and I love your playlist! I love October so much! It's a totally awesome month for sure! I feel they same way you do about Tom Petty my heart was very sad that evening and the sorrow for Las Vegas victims and their families. Music is love, always spreading seeds of good. Let's try to spread seeds of good within the muck of these times.
  5. Lois R. Lynch October 23, 2020 at 10:22 am #
    This was a very good tape that had the best songs of all the times. This was a nice thing to read this article for me. I have been on this since a long time. I love to read the pots of this blog. All the articles are amazing and fantastic.


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