Monthly Mixtape: Embers and Ashes

Noveeeeeemmmmberrrrrrrr. HOW? How.

Monthly Mixtape: Embers and Ashes

I trust you’re all surviving your candy coma? How did last night go? Are you sleeping in? Spazzing out? Both? Neither? Leave you alone?

The gremlins went as Mary Poppins and Bert, as it’s been my life for the last two years. They are OBSESSED with the movie. Certifiably loony for it. And everything went quite right (quite right!), except Will thought his handmade chimney sweep stick was a pole with a tarantula on it, sooooo.

Now that trick-or-treating is something they’ll freshly remember, I can guarantee Nat’s going to ask all day long, “Meeee trick-or-trick!” The meeee part means “I need.” Meeeee chocolate milk. Meeeeee watch Peppa Pig. Meeeeeee new mommy.

Wait, what?

THE MIXTAPE. I made you a good one. There’s really no theme to it, other than all these songs rule my life and I’m crazy for them. Lots of old! Lots of new. A nice rise and fall. Nothing too hyper. Nothing too depressing. What I imagine for your life is that you’ll listen to this playlist while you have your buds over for spaghetti and card night by a cozy, cracking fire.

Or that you’ll have this on while you prep Thanksgiving dinner, with the obvious necessary steady stream of Bloody Mary sippin’.

Or that you’ll play this mix one crisp afternoon with the windows open as a leaf or 45 blows in while you tidy up your house.

Or that you’ll crank it up on a Saturday morning as you sit on your back porch with a cup of coffee and decide to put off leaf raking.


I give you . . . the “Embers and Ashes” mix.

You can always click here to listen as well! (It’s free, duh.)

This time last year.

And if you’re new to these playlists, just click on Monthly Mixtape to get the whooooole mega mama list! Or follow me on Spotify for all of ’em! Okay I’m done.

Happy November listenin’, yo.

(p.s. can you bake chocolate pudding?)


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