We interrupt this program to bring you a very important announcement. Well, okay yes, I only have five episodes left of the entire Friday Night Lights series, but that’s not it…

Headed to Europe! Hold me.


And I am ludicrously excited.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this trip and what it will do for me. And to me. I’m normally not one to take on such massive opportunities like this. I’m a homebody by nature, comfortable in my nest with a fairly solid routine and cozy domestic rituals. But right now, in this specific time in my life, I feel that I really need this trip. Not as an escape from anything (besides diapers and snotty noses), but almost as a mini (or major) turning point. In short, I’m craving a cultural movement in my soul. Also, I want to eat a lot of cheese.

Don’t get me wrong – motherhood is truly the most honorable job I’ve ever held. Will and Natalie move my spirit and change my character daily.


I need this. I need an internal shift, something that alters the way I see the world and the way I love my family. I need that evolution in my soul cavity that makes me a better mom, a better wife. A better ME.

Wait, is this getting too Eat Pray Love for you? Because I can totally throw in a “toot” or “armpit.”

Bye bye, nursery. Hello, baguettes and tea time.

And thanks to all of your helpful tips, I’m totally ready! All packed. Mostly packed. Sort of packed. I’ll pack today.

I pack light, but I’m leaving a little wiggle room in my bag for all the berets and cigarettes I’m going to force Aaron and the babies to wear and smoke. (MOM, I’m kiddi…)

O m g – this itinerary. It’s insane. I don’t want to give anything away, but words like “tea time in Notting Hill, Montmarte French cooking class, macaroons and champagne” are floating around. What if I drop my tea on Hugh Grant’s foot? Hahahaha! ha a hah ah a  h ahah a.


We’re (by the way, I’m traveling with Ashley and Ashlae! Um, how ridiculous and fun is this going to be?) going to be traveling from London to Paris via Eurostar, the high-speed train service that links London to Paris, Brussels, and other cool destinations across France. I LOVE TRAINS.

Lil’ tidbit – my Granddaddy (on my dad’s side) worked for the Missouri-Pacific Railroad his entire life. Therefore, my dad grew up on train rides and became obsessed with the whole train lifestyle. So, inherently that love for the train experience has trickled down (<–grody) into my blood, and now I’m here! Gonna ride this Eurostar train like whoa.

“C’mon ‘n ride the train. ‘N ride it. C’mon ‘n ride the train. ‘N ride it.”

I’ll chill.


Do you see me right there? ^^^ Just kidding, I’m sitting at my kitchen table in the dark.

See, Eurostar’s whole thing is wanting to connect U.S. travelers with what makes them feel alive. I’m like, does it involve cheese and wine and beautiful scenery and zero diapers and more wine? IN.

So, let’s do this, shall we? Let’s go to Europe! Let’s stalk Hugh Grant! (<-you think I’m kidding.)

I’ll be poppin’ in a couple of times next week with updates on the trip, and obviously bombarding your Instagram and Snapchat feeds with market adventures, pub drinks, scone baking (WE’RE GONNA BAKE SCONES), the Eiffel tower, inside the trains, and beyond.

(and yes, at some point I’ll give you a video bun tutorial. I know how you people are.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch Amelie so I can brush up on my French. Because knowing me, I’ll be all, “Pardon me, where’s the plaid toilet in my mouth?”


*This post and all of my travel is sponsored by Eurostar. THE TRAIN. I’m going on a train.