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Travel Favorites (with Links!)

Travel Favorites / Bev Cooks

Hey-ohhhhhh! Let’s talk travel staples. I have all these airplane travel links and beach necessities in my IG highlights, but I figured now’s a good time to have a solid home for these products if you need to pop over and peep them before a trip. Pop and peep. We’re starting a band called Pop […]

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My Trip to Israel: Part Three

My Trip to Israel: Part Three / Bev Cooks

My final post about Israel! And I think I narrowed down the photos to only 57 hundred billion photos this time. Ya. . . yay? First up, if you’ve not read Part One and Part Two, you should! It was such a surreal trip, with a group of fantastic women, some great blazers and a […]

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My Trip To Israel: Part Two

My Trip To Israel: Part Two / Bev Cooks

I triiiiiiied. I tried to narrow down the photos. I really did. Just to prepare you for what’s ahead, we’re looking at 57 photos. Just scroll fast and take it in! You don’t even have to read my blab session. I’ll keep it brief, I swear! (<–hahahaha) This is the Magic of Israel, Part Two. […]

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My Trip To Israel: Part One

My Trip to Israel: Part One / Bev Cooks

I went to Israel! Which is probably obvious based on the title of the blog post and just how often I blabbed about it over the last thirty days. I told myself, “Keep it to twenty photos, Bev!” I’m hilarious. Let’s take a look at the first two days of the trip! This whole adventure […]

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Our Autumn Road Trip Across Missouri!

Our Road Trip Through Missouri! / Bev Cooks

A road trip through Missouri, at last! Even better, it was in autumn while the leaves were changing and she was showing off all of her gorgeous colors.  So, okay, we basically had three days to do 87 million (fun!) things across my neighboring state, and did we achieve it? Heck yeah, we did. Missouri […]

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Our New Life on the Oregon Coast Forever: Part 2

Oregon Coast Forever / Bev Cooks

This is just week two, you guys. Week two! And it’s massive. And I’m starting the post with a skinny bearded man in plaid because Oregon. Let’s seeeeee…..when I left you last, we were headed to the Farmer’s Market. (two weeks ago today. my bad.) So let’s start there. Kansas City has some incredible (huge!) […]

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