Christmas Wrapping Paper Style! And My Opinions on them.

Iiiiiiit’s aaaaaaaa wraaaaaaa- I wouldn’t do that to you.


(I would.)

Let’s look back at the past NINE YEARS of my wrapping paper style and how it’s evolved! Or devolved? Look, just keep that to yourself.

I obsess over a wrapping paper look. It’s a whole vibe. A whole thing. It carries the mood. There’s so much you can do with a gift wrap steez, and I have oodles mcgoodles to learn about it. So let’s look at a few styles and see what we like best, m’kay?

Giddy up.

This is this year! I LOVE it. I was feeling darker tones, more patterns, more drama. The paper is from Amazon and the gauze and silk from Hobby Lobby. I like a good monochromatic flavor to life, so I applied it heavily this year in my wrapping.

Also velvet ribbon forever.

Last year! Remember when I found this pale blue striped wallpaper at an estate sale and decided to make my entire life about it? Yep. Dig. I love this uniform look, too. Dried citrus always makes any gift pop. And clippings from the yard. Ha!

The year before! I was feeling the white butcher paper, man. (<–this is why punctuation is important.) When you have a solid paper as a base, go bananas with the embellishments. Mustards and tones of earthy greens will always live in my soul. Aged brass bells make anything look rustic and homey, so grab some as gift toppers!

Year before! (look how the hands are getting tinier and tinier.)

I remember a brand sent me the sheets of wrapping paper, so I mixed it in with . . . you guessed it, brown paper packages tied up with string. Yes I’m always in my Sound of Music Era.

Walk around your yard and clip from different trees. Evergreens, shrubs, get a mix!

Year before! I found that vintage Santa paper in our basement and for the life of me can’t remember where or how I got it. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. (ntm.)

Looking back at this I do like the striped and plaid ribbon on the brown paper. Also that cream ribbon is from Hobby Lobby and I get it every single year. It’s SOFT and stretchy and it just works.

Year before!

LOVE THIS ONE. It’s peaceful with all that green. Sage meets forest meets whatever else is in here. And the texture of the ribbons is nice. Rustic here, silky there, creamy here, rough there. Very into this.

Year before!

Same vibe but more soft blues and pinks in tone. And I like the twine OVER the the ribbons. Very cute.

Also Nat’s hand. Ha!

Year before!

WHOA. I was feeling these tones. I’m not into how aggressive this feels, but what I do love is the nature. I can’t remember what that thing is called right in the middle, but I need to walk around my yard again and find that ball thing!

Nine years back!

Brown paper packages tied with up with string will never do you wrong. That eucalyptus is from Trader Joe’s, and these are those tiny bells. Also, crinkle up your thinner paper for a rustic look if you have it in you.

There we have it! What’s your favorite from all the years? Also what’s your wrapping STYLE? I have tons to learn about it and I’m always inspired by what I see on pinterest. What’s your steeeeez, bruh? (sorry, Anna.)

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5 Responses to Christmas Wrapping Paper Style! And My Opinions on them.

  1. Adiya Brook December 13, 2023 at 1:30 pm #
    Love it! Copying immediately lol… where is the tree wrapping paper from?
  2. Rynne December 14, 2023 at 5:26 pm #
    I’m loving this look back! I can’t pic my favorite year, they are all dreamy. But I do love that vintage Santa paper the ghost of Christmas past left you in your secret basement passageway to perfect wrapping Christmas town.
  3. Mom! December 17, 2023 at 8:54 pm #
    I love them all!! I saved the citrus and ribbon from last year and found it as I was wrapping gifts!

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