Happy NEW YEAR!!! Nothing blew up on your end, right?

Monthly Mixtape: Champagne and Diet

Same here. Everything’s still in tact. Besides a few loose screws in my noggin’.

Do you remember where you were during Y2K?! I still think about that. I worked at a bank at the time and everyone was TERRIFIED the computers were going to freeze up and the money would disappear and toupees would fall off and butt chins would multiply. It was a dangerous time, you guys.

I’m not going to keep you long! But I DO want to take a quick moment to thank you all. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for reading my blog. This space is my heart and soul and I still pinch myself that so many of you want to take part in it. It has definitely shifted and morphed in various ways through the years, and I’m seriously grateful that you’ve all stuck with me. So, thank you. OH JUST BRING IT IN ALREADY.

Now, the mix! These songs are aaaaaall about feeling good. Cheerful, pick-you-up, shoulder-bobbin’ songs. Like everyone, I always like to start a new year with an EMPTY, fa-resh slate. I purge, deep-clean, rearrange, scrub the baseboards and behind my ears. You know.

So I’m hoping this mixtape does the same for your soul innards. Wipe yesterday away and focus on today on. Roll up your sleeves and go through that junk drawer while you listen! Clean out your closet! Have that mole checked!

I give you . . . The “Champagne and Diet” mix.

Or you could binge-watch Making a Murderer (OMG ARE YOU WATCHING? If so, where are you, and what do you think!? We’re on episode 7. I’m completely freaking my face.) and eat black eyed peas all day, too. That works.

One last question: how long did you make it last night? I was bonkers out by 9:42pm. #old

Enjoy your first of the year day year! (<–what?)

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