Monthly Mixtape: Mulled Wine and Cream Twine

Your Christmas jaaaaaams, bruh! (<—sorry)

This mixtape might feel like a cop-out because it’s a collection of favorites from ALL my other Christmas mixtapes. But listen, if you have yet to delve into the past six or so of those, this will get you there.

When it comes to Christmas music, I’m a bit persnickety. (shocker!) I can handle the classics, of course. They are childhood to me, straight from the The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas cassette tapes you bought at the checkout counter at Victoria’s Secret in the mid-’80s. (don’t ask me why we were in a Victoria’s Secret in the mid-’80s.)

But when it comes to Christmas music, give me all jazz or instrumental. Old. Vintage. The good stuff. I can handle indie tunes, yes, but I don’t really prefer it.

So this has a few hand-picked selections from my previous mixtapes to give you the cooooziest vibe. When you’re taking a break from murder podcasts, dive head first into this. Bake a pie while you listen! Wrap some gifts. Dry some oranges for a window garland. Put on the thick socks and get into it, hon.

I give you, the “Mulled Wine and Cream Twine” mix.

I have your Christmas Day breakfast coming on Thursday! Get pumped.

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  1. Joelle December 11, 2023 at 2:46 pm #
    I look forward to your Christmas mixtape and I LOVE that is a collection of the best of!!!! My favorites are the Ethiopian jazz, and the songs from Little Women!

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