Piña Colada Grilled Pork Chops {Tablespoon Tuesdays}



I almost forgot to show you this old Tablespoon post from a couple of months ago. Geez. What’s my problem? Oh yeah, I’m growing 400,000 babies in my body.

But peep it. It’s a smooth operator piña colada (I almost typed Colorado) glaze with coconut milk, pineapple juice and rum. And you brush it on the pork chops while they grill, until it reaches up and lightly brushes the back of its fingers against your jawline, sending chills down through your spine and into your toenails, leaving you breathless and flustered with unruly desire.

I’m sorry, guys. Pregnancy dreams. They linger.

But you’ll love it! (the glaze, not the dreams.) (well, probably the dreams, too.) Add it to your Labor Day menu and get sooooo glaaaaaazed.

I’m gonna scoot-a-loot because I have three days left of my 36th year of life, and I have A LOT to do to prepare for my birthday. Like, take a bunk ton of naps. And eat chocolate chip cookies. And wash my hair I guess.

Piña Colada Grilled Pork Chops ferrr yerrrrrrr piña colorado face.



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9 Responses to Piña Colada Grilled Pork Chops {Tablespoon Tuesdays}

  1. Tieghan August 20, 2013 at 8:35 am #
    Oh man, oh man! This looks incredible and please, please tell someone is making you and those babies lots of cake, cupcakes and some kind of awesome meal for your Birthday!?! Cause I mean it's your birthday and hello! You are eating for three! That means lots of cake!
  2. Erin L August 20, 2013 at 12:01 pm #
    HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!! I do hope you eat something amazing to make up for the lack of birthday cocktails. (Such a bummer, that.) Also, your pregnancy dreams sound much more pleasant than mine! (Last night a killer severed leg & an angry unwashed James Franco made an appearance. Not kidding.) Nap on, Girl!
  3. Lauren @ Climbing Grier Mountain August 20, 2013 at 12:57 pm #
    Whenever I hear that song, it reminds me of the movie, The Sweetest Thing. Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate singing this song is flipping hysterical! BTW...made your enchiladas last night for dinner die, HOLY GEEZ!! Winner, winner!
  4. Ruthy @ Omeletta August 20, 2013 at 3:14 pm #
    LOL I can't wait to eat pina colada pork chops that lightly caress me. Now you got me all excited for a number of different reasons!
  5. Julie @ Table for Two August 20, 2013 at 8:56 pm #
    Amazing flavors!! Hope your birthday is fabulous!!
  6. Laurie {Simply Scratch} August 21, 2013 at 10:07 pm #
    I'm totally in love with this Bev and I want this in my garsh dern pina colorado face asap! So so creative!
  7. Sommer @ ASpicyPerspective August 22, 2013 at 8:22 am #
    Love this!! Sounds totally delicious! :)
  8. Melanie @ Just Some Salt and Pepper August 26, 2013 at 11:25 pm #
    This is definitely not something I would have thought to do myself. It sounds incredible!
  9. Nutmeg Nanny September 3, 2013 at 7:01 pm #
    Oh goodness, this is fantastic! The husband and I adore pork chops :)

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