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The Will Show: A Haircut

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I  was totally going to post a recipe today. I was. But then . . . spices separated, lentils turned to mush, there was a bitterness I just couldn’t place. Sooo, let me put my thing down, flip it and reverse it, and I’ll bring the recipe to you another day. In the meantime, I’ll […]

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DIY Birthday Crown

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We’re getting a birthday over here today! Well, two birthdays. Two babies + two first birthdays = two first birthday crowns. See how good at math I am? First and foremost, these crowns are pretty jank. But I so don’t care. They’re janky cute. Cutesy jank. Two jankies + two cutesies = six proseccos. See […]

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DIY Baby Leg Warmers

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Oh for heaven’s sake. Sure sure, this is nothing new. Anyone can take a sock, cut off the end and shove it on a baby’s leg. But could we just deep-tissue massage our ovaries real quick because BABY LEGS.    So today I thought we’d have a little fun looking at a series of photos […]

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DIY: Lavender Soy Candles

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I decided to get all James Bond on ya and slide one last craft post in before Christmas break. I have no idea what this has to do with you, Mr. Bond, 007 sir, and I’m sorry for dragging you into it. Okay so homemade candles. Have you ever done this before? This was my […]

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DIY Ivory Snow

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Oh Lord, we’re crafting. But hark! Before you volunteer to spend the night on a brown recluse farm, you should know that this craft is super weird and actually quite simple. Fake snow. I mean yes, you can buy it already made, but where’s the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IN THAT? I must admit, I’d never made […]

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The Great Weidner Baby Nursery Reveal

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It’s done! Allllll done! Now we just need two babies to stick in here. But not for another 5 or 6 six weeks. Hear that, babies? Keep baking. Or broiling? Whatever’s going on during these last few weeks. Of course I have the most obnoxious amount of photos for ONE TINY ROOM. But I can’t […]

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Homemade Lemon Balm Tea

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I have a lot of lemon balm in my garden. Like, a lot. No really, a LOT LOT. So much so, that I included a little video at the end of this post of me attempting to harvest lemons in the lemon balm patch. Because that’s how it totally works, right? Oh. Have you ever […]

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DIY Scented Hand Lotion

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JUST HEAR THOSE SLEIGH BELLS JINGLING, RING TING TINGLING TOOOOO. Yeah that would be your fist in my face right about now. It’s a craft post, you guys! And we’re making Christmas goodies. (please don’t barf) I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to post this, but then I thought about all the neurotic […]

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