Homemade Wild Onion Oil

Chances are, you probably have wild onion in your yard. Like, onion grass. Wild onion. Green onion. Know what I mean, Vern?

And if you don’t, you’re still a good person. You can get some wild onion (or even chives!) at the farmer’s market and rock on with your bad self.

A) I haven’t said that since never. Not once.

B) I promise never to say it again.

We good?

Okay, this isn’t really a recipe, and I can’t take credit for it. But I can show you how I made it and where we saw it! If you’re not following Black Forager, get on that. She’s amazing. Funny, insightful, inspiring, and we’re really, really into her. Aaron sent me the video to her onion grass powder a while back and I feel into an obsession so deep, no person can fully understand.

So I made it. And then added olive oil to it. And now we have onion oil. Onion grass oil. Wild onion oil.

She works.

Alexis pulls all of her invasive onion grass out of the ground, but I just snipped what I wanted and will keep coming back for more all summer. Whatever works!

I washed it and dried and it arranged it on a baking sheet. We’ll roast on a low temp (mine was like 250) for about an hour. An hour-ish. We just want them crispy and VERY dried out. Like this…

It’s super dry. If there are any that flop over, go longer. You want it to feel like straw. Hay. Stray hay. My hair. Ha!


Then I cut mine down and put it in a mini food processor. She used a grinder which actually probably works better to get that finer ground. I’ll do that next time. This time around we went with a food processor and it was fine!

If you have stubborn larger pieces, it’s all good. Either tweeze (sorry) them out or leave them in for extra infusion to your oil. It’s summer! We’re winging it!

Then just add your best oil to the onion powder and you are SET.

We keep ours in the fridge, and it will solidify up just a bit, that’s totally fine. Once you get it out to use it goes back to an oily consistency.

You guys, you can spoon this onto ANYTHING. Use it to fry your morning egg. Use it as a finishing drizzle on pizza or pasta. Use it on chicken or steak or fish or grilled veggies. Honestly it’s going to add so much depth to any dang thing you want. Go nuts.

It doesn’t photograph well, but you get the point. It’s great! Delicious and simple.

And like I said, no real recipe. Just snip some onions, dry them out in the oven at 250 for an hour so, grind them up and add oil. And that, my friends, is your summer.

Onion oil! Who knew. Well, Alexis did. Follow her! Here’s the video, too.

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4 Responses to Homemade Wild Onion Oil

  1. Rochelle May 30, 2023 at 1:52 pm #
    Whoa! I've for years been drying my BUSHELS of chives (cannot use them fresh fast enough.) I am one step away - okay maybe a couple - from this delightful condiment. I cannot wait. Thank you!! [I have also dried & ground garlic scapes. My DH pulled them this spring without checking with me :{ ]
  2. Jane May 31, 2023 at 2:11 am #
    Love this! I make a lot of olive oil blends with my herbs. This one sounds like a winner with the onions. Who doesn’t like onions??!!!
  3. Sabrina June 1, 2023 at 5:21 pm #
    hmm, I didn't know that this was allowed! that is, infused oil, and I use olive oil, a lot, but some additional flavor helps, love this and thank you!

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