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New Year’s Eve Appetizer Roundup!


HEY, GIRL, HEY. So. New Year’s Eve is in like, five minutes, and we need to talk food! Are you cooking? Going out? Having a party? Staying in and safe under your bed? I haven’t had a lick of time to prep anything new, so I thought a simple roundup (roundup? round-up? round up? up […]

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God Bless ‘Muricuh Roundup!


I’m not gonna sing. I’m not gonna sing. I’m not gonna sing. I have an idea. What if I sang something NOT patriotic? Like a good ole Wilson Phillips tune? A favorite ’80s sitcom theme song? A nice hum of Claire De Lune? Mmmmmmm mmmmm mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmm? Yeah that doesn’t work. Fawn, yew gawz. […]

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Okay, I Make a Lot of Pizza


I thought this here herculean pizza roundup might be a most jovial way to end my blorb-a-licious week here on the bevcooks.com url internets food blog website. Besides, any Friday without pizza is a TOTAL LIE. Saddle up, pigeons. We’ve got some dern pizza to eat. Or just look at. Your choice. I would hate […]

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Superbowl Food Roundup!


(Originally posted two Superbowls ago. Whenever that was. Like two years ago. Okay bye.) Let’s get ready to RUMBLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. That’s not it at all, is it? It’s a ping pong tournament on Sunday, right? Shuffleboard? Moonwalking whilst covered in tar and feathers and reciting Emily Dickinson with a cake on your head competition? Who cares. […]

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