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The Stuff I Actually Make from Bev Cooks

Thai Pork Salad with Glass Noodles / Bev Cooks

As of right this second, I have packed my little striped carry on, washed my hair, straightened my hair, curled my hair, applied my Kardashian self tanner (don’t hate), painted my nails, chipped my nails, kissed my baby gremlins goodnight and fallen in bed for theeee earliest crack-a-liciousĀ  flight to Cabo, Mexico! (just like Sex […]

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Top 10 Recipes of 2013


It makes me crazy. Absolutely crazy. We are TWO DAYS away from 2014 and I feel like just twenty minutes ago I was falling asleep at 10:30pm- I MEAN cheersing at the turn of 2013 with bubbling champagne in hand and big dreams for the new year. And here we are. I’ve got swollen logs […]

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God Bless ‘Muricuh Roundup!


I’m not gonna sing. I’m not gonna sing. I’m not gonna sing. I have an idea. What if I sang something NOT patriotic? Like a good ole Wilson Phillips tune? A favorite ’80s sitcom theme song? A nice hum of Claire De Lune? Mmmmmmm mmmmm mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmm? Yeah that doesn’t work. Fawn, yew gawz. […]

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