Everyone LOVES to talk about when their kids go back to school. Or when they don’t. Or when they get out. Or when they don’t. Have you noticed this?

And listen, I’m not complaining, judging, or giving anyone a (well, maybe) hard time. It just cracks me up. Because I can guarantee you, without fail, anytime I post the kids starting school or ending school, the amount of “Omg it’s so early! We don’t go back until December 2nd.” Or “Wow, you’re already getting out? We don’t get out until August 15th of 2078.” EV-ER-Y-TIME.

And I’m like, “Look, I do not make the district decisions here, folks. I just load backpacks, comb hair and send them on their way when I’m told, BRUH. SIMMER DOWN.” <–I say it just like that.

YES, we start early. But it’s also quite normal. YES, we get out early. But it’s also quite normal. We’ve been out for 12 weeks, so it’s legit time, man!

Again, not angry. I just think humans are . . . funny. And very vocal. Which is fine! I like vocal. I’m vocal. Just not about when your kids start or end school. I feel like we should change gears.

Also, have you ever noticed that when you go outside to water your garden, your legs immediately know bugs are out there and start to itch? And you’ve even not been bitten yet! They just KNOW.

They knoooooow it’s coming.

That happens to me everyday. My legs immediately sense the unruly wilderness in my backyard and start to hyperventilate and completely freak out in anticipation of potential bug invasion. And then nothing happens and they feel like total idiots. Maybe one bite. One.


Okay, now that the kids have started school again (omg, so early!), I’ve redirected my attention to the lighting situation in our kitchen. The track lighting situation in our kitchen, you guys. They gotta go. I got distracted with summer life and other projects and shelved the lighting. But now I’m back on Etsy and I have some ish to figure out.

First up, we have a little canned light above our sink, and I’m feeling like making that a pendant. Like a mini pendant that hangs down a few inches. Nothing wrong with canned lights, but for that little area I’m thinking something brass or glass or ceramic with some English charm. It needs a softening, and I feel like that would do it. Something like this, or this. What do you think?

And then for the dentist office track lighting that I’m beyond excited to violently rip out, I’m thinking canned lights or something flush. Again, something softer with charm. Nothing too modern or clinical. I don’t have any links to show you, but if you have ideas, show me please! Reader feedback, especially with design, is so much fun for me.

Whachew gawt?

POLL:::::: who here has seen Where the Crawdads Sing yet? (Ash, there are more dates!)

And what did you think? Should Ashlee and I see it in the theater, or wait to rent it and watch at home with wine and snacks and the pause button? Worth it for the cinema? Or watch at home?

Weekend plans?

I have a (French Market!) lunch with a couple of besties, the pool tonight with those same besties, maybe an estate to hit with those besties, some bread to bake (not with the besties), a book to read (also not with the besties), an outdoor movie to watch with a bunch of third grade girls (and the besties!), and a yard to trim up (not with those besties).

Froooooom this week, in case you missed it! Broccoli and Bacon Salad HOLY cow. And the video (hello, song) to go with it. And then these Cheesy Tomato and Crab Biscuit Cups! I haven’t made the video yet, but I swear I will and l’ll post it later on. Just you watch.

Okay, tell me your summer highlights. What stood out? Tell me. Tell me, girl.