Besties Do Boulder. That Came Out Wrong.

I’M THE KING OF THE WOOOOOOR- wait, that’s not it.

I went to Boulder!

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Boulder, Colorado.

You know, the town that’s like, 25 feet from the sun? That one. But the heat is DRY. It’s not like here in KC, where you walk out your front door and immediately morph into SpongeBev Squarepants. It’s a heat I can shake hands with.

I know you already know this (“They don’t know that we know they know we know!”– name that show), but I ventured west to meet up with two long-time besties for a getaway gal weekend. Laura, whom I’ve known since 1998, has lived there with her hubs Eric (who remodeled our kitchen and bathroom years ago) for six years now! (waaaaah) And Sarah, who you all know as Iris’ ma, lives in Fayetteville, AR with the rest of our hometown crew.

BUT BONDS DON’T WITHER, Y’ALL. (<–that will be the only time I say something weird like that.)


So! I thought I’d take you through our gal pal weekend – show you what we did, what we saw, what we ate, how many times I screamed. You know.

(photo above via Laura, via via some fit dude on the mountain.)

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

We landed in Denver around 10am, whiiiiich in my book is just in time for mimosas. #NOKIDS

We launched our extended giggle fest at the Westin, right inside the Denver airport. And without a beat, we fell right into our familiar rhythm, with inside jokes, easily teary, detailed stories and all the, “OH DID YOU HEAR ABOUT…”

Sarah had bracelets MADE FOR EACH OF US (I’ll show you later), so once we were armed with today’s more stylish, minimal version of the friendship bracelet, we were ready to take the weekend on.

Hastag rosé.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Our second stop – The Four Seasons in Denver! You can’t see it with the naked eye, but Sarah and Laura are sitting on a lounge chair about 17 miles into this photo. With my rosé and leather slip-ons. They better not steal them! (just kidding)

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

The Four Seasons is just exquisite. We sipped a drink by the pool, scarfed down some smashed avocado and fried fish tacos, then were treated with a lovely massage. Massages. Not just one. Well, each of us had one. Not multiple. In our own rooms. Never mind.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Oh good they didn’t steal my slip-ons.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Speaking of, I really, REALLY wanted to keep these shoes. I wouldn’t have, you know because, felony. But they were so rubbery and fitted and slim and mildly cute! WHERE CAN I GET THESE, 4S? (I call the Four Seasons 4S. They don’t hate me for it.)

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

This was post-massage. Massages. And yes it’s a foot photo, so you’re going to have to just bear with me.

We all sat on the edge of this hot tub, eyes sleepy, scalps oily and necks rubbery, trying to decide what our next move should be.


After a drink across the street at The Nickel, we hopped into Laura’s 13-year old trusty Subie, and made our way to Boulder.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks


Let me just say right now I think the listing is frozen, due to heavy bookings. But you GUYS. I have to show you this place. It’s basically what I want my life and dreams and dreams and life to look like. All the green! The flowers! The terracotta! The whimsy! (you’re like, please chill out.)

Except there was this HUGE peed-off river in the backyard, which was terrifying. But I’m fine.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Just adorable. Wanna stick it in my purse.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

So you look to the right of the front door, and this is what you see. AN OASIS OF CHARMING YET CONTROLLED WOODSY BLISS.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

And then you turn to the right again, and you see this! Can you tell what that is? Hold on, I’ll get closer.

Hold on.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

An O.U.T.D.O.O.R.S.H.O.W.E.R.

An outdoor shower! How Romancing the Stone is this!

I never used it. So bummed. I wanted to so bad, but never got around to it. I wonder if Aaron would make one for our back yard. Wait, could we get thrown in prison for that? Let me rethink this.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

So that evening, we went over to Eric and Laura’s (we call them Lauric) charming condo for mail-ordered pizza (it was insane!), homemade Caesar salad and more wine. Isn’t their place darling? See, I want a rug similar to what they have under their sofa/coffee table. But Aaron swears that a rug is Satan’s playground. “Crumbs and dog hair and tiny toys go there to die,” he says. I’m like, YOUR FACE IS SATAN’S PLAYGROUND.

I didn’t say that.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Next morning! Coffee and slippers down by our peed-off river. (It was the Boulder creek. But raging, man.)

(I’ll show you inside photos of the airbnb soon. Hold your horses.)

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Our place was on Arapahoe Ave, so we took a sunny morning stroll to our first stop of the day – Alpine Modern. Good grief this place was lovely. All bright white, wood, clean tile, very airy, chic and cozy. Totally my kind of steez. I tried to stick it in my backpack. (Backpack because BOULDER.)

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

The girls made fun of me, slash grossed out because I had sardines for breakfast. I love a good sardine!

So then of course I tried to stick smashed sardine in their faces for a taste. But that didn’t go so well for me.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Breakfast babes! (just kidding, omg.)

We were about to take a hike (hahaha), so I was mentally preparing myself for just how much I was going to sing “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music.

Also, not pictured – 423,986 thin and illegally fit cyclists right outside on the wraparound patio, either preparing for a ride, or just coming from a ride. I forgot to notice their sweat glands.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks



And I didn’t scream once! (<–complete lie.)

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Still not screaming. Not gonna scream.

Not. Gonna. Scream.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

I’m laughing to keep from peeing my Wrangler cutoffs.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Made it to the top! I posted this photo to Instagram, so you already know that we did make it to the top of Mount Sanitas. Which was jaw-droppingly breathtaking.

I was almost more impressed that we had cell phone service at the top of the mountain, than the fact that we made it to the top of the mountain. CLIIIIIIIIMB EEEEEVERY MOUUUUUUNTAAAAAAIN.

Mountain mountain mountain.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Fast forward through a long, post-hike lunch and a quick beer on Pearl Street, to a late-afternoon leisurely hang back at the airbnb.

And no, that’s ^^not my mom. (right?)

But yes, I felt like I was looking at myself in 20 years. I mean, look at that messy topknot! That gray v-neck. Hi.

She’s our airbnb owner, and one of the most spirited people I’ve ever met in my life. Sarah and I sat with her for a good couple of hours, talking about hippie Boulder life, homemade jewelry, parenthood, dancing, favorite wines, and real estate. Wanted to stick her in my purse.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Look at those baby veggies. I think she got them at Sprouts? Or Whole Foods. Maybe Trader Joe’s? They come bagged, I believe, and she roasted them with olive oil, then tossed them with a simple finishing salt. And they.were.perfect. Slightly cooled and tender, but with a hint of earthy crunch. GUH.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

That evening we made our way to Arcana.

And it was FABULOUS. I didn’t take any food photos, because by the time it came – well, rosé.

Lauric and all their marital sweetness. ^^

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Sarev (just made that up) and all our gal pal glory. ^^

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

On Saturday morning we met Laura at the infamously popular Farmer’s Market. I got a green cold-pressed juice and a wooden fork. You know.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

The market was busy, bustling and friendly. Everyone in Boulder is so happy! Yet CHILL. I knoooooow I know what you’re thinking.

It’s the tea.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

NATURE. Because Boulder.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Can’t resist a good flower bucket photo.

Wanted to stick them in my purse.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

After the market we walked over to Brasserie Ten Ten for brunch. Laura and Eric took us there the last time Aaron and I visited (which was about 6 years ago). The FLOOR TILE in this place is like nothing else. Of course I’m not showing you the floor tile, but instead showing the petite beignets with lemon curd.

Which was also like nothing else.

Wanted to stick it in my pur – right.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

After brunch we noodled around a few thrift stores, finding vintage kitchen goods, an indigo scarf, the original Sound of Music poster for $350!

I didn’t buy it.

But here are some interior photos of our airbnb, before I wrap up the longest post in the history of ever.


Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks


Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks


Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks


Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks


This is the gal to contact, if you’re interested in the airbnb! Like I said before, the listing is frozen, but she’ll have more insight to when it’s available again. See how I take care of you?

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Our final afternoon was magic. Laura reserved a beautifully-prepared picnic from Cured, an adorable cheese and meat shop on Pearl. It was National Rosé Day (which uh, is no different than any other day for me), so we loaded up on canned rosé, and lounged around for a couple of hours outside, enjoying cured meats, stinky cheeses, blanched almonds, pasta salad, creamy hummus, briny olives, tart cornichons, and dark nibbly chocolates. Nothing better, I tell you.

Nothing. Better.

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

After our dainty blorb fest, we made our way to a condo that some dear friends of Lauric own.

Giant pool – check.

Two hot tubs – check.

25 more cans of rosé – check.

The spectacular Rocky Mountains as our backdrop – check.

Hysterical conversation and gut-wrenching laughter – check.

A story about going on a date with Olivia Newton John – CHECK. (don’t ask.)

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

After a night of local pizza takeout, condo porch lounging, ’90s club music, and um, more rosé, we made our way back to our airbnb oasis for a few hours of snoozin’, before catching a couple of misty slash foggy-eyed flights home the next day. Waaaaah.

(above and below photos by Sarah)

Bestie Trip to Boulder, CO / Bev Cooks

Until next time, Boulder. And by next time I mean like, in five minutes.

Huge thank you to the Four Seasons for the wonderful massages, and an even huger thank you to Laura and Sarah for putting up with my, “Name that movie!” references every other half hour. You have patient souls, you do.

The end.

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8 Responses to Besties Do Boulder. That Came Out Wrong.

  1. Laura June 22, 2017 at 10:38 am #
    Are your shorts vintage? I'm on the hunt for a pair of high(ish) waisted cut offs but everything in stores is too short!!
    • Bev Weidner June 22, 2017 at 12:16 pm #
      They are! Thrifted men's Wranglers, that I cut off. :)
  2. Sandy R June 22, 2017 at 10:47 am #
    I'moving to Co Springs soon from California so I will plan a trip to Boulder with all your recommendations including the Rose. I loved this post and as usual you crack me up. Stuffed purse and all.
  3. Amanda June 22, 2017 at 11:38 am #
    I've never been to Colorado but need to add it to my list. My mom and dad were stationed in Colorado once and she absolutely loved it there. Boulder looks gorgeous!!! That Airbnb so adorable, and yes, she does look like you. So weird.
  4. Nicki June 22, 2017 at 12:05 pm #
    I live in Boulder (a new transplant here as of a year and a half ago) and I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE it! It's so quaint and outdoorsy. (And I'm in no way a hippie, either!) Sanitas is a TOUGH hike so kudos on doing it!!!! Now I'll have to drive along Arapahoe until I find that darling Airbnb since it's ADORBS and maybe provide it as an option to friends in like 2020 when it's not booked up ;) Glad you enjoyed your CO time and all the local places you went to are *kissing fingers* perfection. YAY!
  5. Jenna June 23, 2017 at 7:28 am #
    You never fail to make me laugh! How did you learn to write so well?! And make funny captions on the insta?
  6. Nicole & Gerry Wienholt June 27, 2017 at 6:29 pm #
    We've lived in boulder for 8+ years and I just fell in love with it all over again. A treat to be a small piece of your boulder experience....and there's always chilled rose waiting when you come back. ?❤️


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