You know how when you close your eyes at night, images appear behind your eyelids? And it’s not your imagination really, they’re just random what-have-you designs that place themselves there without permission or inhibition? Do you know what I’m talking about? Well, the other night whilst in bed (am I a total troll using the word “whilst?” I hope so.), I kept waking Aaron up to tell him what my visions were.

Me, “Okay, wow. I’m seeing a distressed white cabinet with blue pin stripes on it and wallpaper behind it filled with tiny orange flowers.”

Him, “That’s nice.”

Me, “Oh oh!! Now it just became a tall rectangular metal thing with this sort of greenish bluish tint all over it. And branches on it. You know you could make something cool like this for that one corner in our kitchen.”

Him, “. . .  because I can see your images. Can I go to sleep now?”

Me, “OHHHHHHHH! Get THIS. It just became this bright orange ball flame thing that erupted into a sea of baby blue eyeballs. Trippy!”

Him, “uuuuuuuugh.”

Wasn’t that the most compelling story of all time?


Would you rather talk about tostadas? Because we can. Tostadas topped with wilted spinach, seasoned black beans and creamy guacamole? Because I’m game if you are. Let’s talk about it! Actually, could we talk about it over here? Coo, coo.

Also! Whilst (sorry) it’s still January and our New Year’s Resolutions are hanging on by an imaginary microscopic thread, I might as well show you this little list I made of healthy ingredient swap outs. You know, so you can read them and promptly punch me in the face.


One more thing? And let me just start by telling you it was negative 286 degrees out with 17 feet of snow. Okay.

So you may or may not have noticed my lil’ profile pic change in my About Me section. Basically, over the Christmas break my little sister tied me up, held me at lenspoint and forced me to go out into the dangerous elements of winter to shoot new head shots. Photographers are so bossy! She’s got the whole series on her blog today, and it makes me giggle. Like, my hair seriously belongs on a horse.


Last thing! Today is video shoot day aaaaaaand I’m on panic attack #825. Where’s my wine?