Thai Pork Salad with Cellophane Noodles

It’s Oscar night! The red carpet is littered with the rich and famous, dressed to the nine in the finest gowns and tuxes.

I look pretty good, too. I’m lounged on my red sofa, wearing some designer (read: tattered) yoga pants from 1997, and my hair is in a most elegant (read: ratty) low bun and my skin glows (read: pale with no makeup) with pride and happiness.

Let the awards begin!

(Quick side note, about the weather. Yes, I’m obsessed with the weather, why do you ask? There is snow on the ground, it’s pouring rain, thunder rumbles and lightning brightens the sky every few seconds, AND there’s a dense fog. Are we going to die?)

Thai Pork Salad with Cellophane Noodles:

* 2 cups cellophane noodles

* 1 pound ground pork

* 2 Tbs. five-spice seasoning

* 3 cloves garlic, chopped

* 2 Tbs. brown sugar

* 1 cup plain peanuts, roughly chopped

* 4 scallions, finely sliced

* 2 cups loosely packed cilantro, chopped

* 1 cup loosely packed mint, chopped

* 1 Tbs. fresh ginger, grated

* 2 small red chilis, finely sliced with seeds

* juice of 1 lime

* 1 Tbs. soy sauce

* 2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil, divided

What it takes for 4:

Go ahead and soak the noodles in boiling water for a few minutes and drain. Reserve the noodles in a large bowl.

Heat 1 Tbs. oil in a pan over medium-high and start browning the pork. Once almost done, add the five-spice powder. Toss around for a second. Add the garlic, brown sugar and peanuts, and a pinch of salt. Stir to combine and take off heat.

To the bowl with the noodles, add the mint, cilantro, scallions, ginger and chilis. Add the browned pork and toss to combine. Squeeze the lime juice over the mixture. Drizzle with soy sauce and remaining extra virgin olive oil. Garnish with more red chilis. Pass out at how wonderful your kitchen smells.

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