Man Food

Yesterday morning Aaron woke up really craving some “man food.” He wanted steak, potatoes and broccoli. “Awesome! Take over!” I told him. I had a baby shower to attend mid-afternoon, so while I was gone he zipped out for the ingredients and had the kitchen to himself last night.

Let me rephrase that. He mostly had the kitchen to himself, mind my peeking over his shoulder and through the doorway every 5 minutes asking if he needed help. Asking what he was doing with that roasted garlic. Asking if he was letting the steak rest. Asking why there was no water in the potato pot.

I was quickly sent back to the couch to watch more Jamie Oliver on the tele, mate.

Before I knew it he presented a plate to me with the most perfect beef tenderloin, the most decadent roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and the most perfectly sauted lemony baby broccoli.

I. Die.

Yay for man food!

KC tip: You can buy a pound of beef tenderloin tails at McGonigle’s on Ward Parkway for $10! Uh, I know.

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