I Will Be Signing Autographs

Well, it happened. The break I’ve been waiting for. This might be my last post because I’m headed out on the road y’all. Turns out the karaoke leader at the birthday party last night works for Universal Records and he was so enamored with my version of “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” that he interrupted me mid-song and signed me on the spot. It can only happen to the truly talented, so try and contain your jealousy.

Wait, what? I just woke up. What did I miss?


What it took for 1:

* 1 whole wheat english muffin, halfed

* 2 Tbs. all natural peanut butter

* 1 tsp. local honey

* sprinkle of ground cinnamon

* sprinkle of flax seeds

* fruit of your choice

Toast the english muffin, then spread with peanut butter. Drizzle with honey, sprinkle with cinnamon and flax seed and you’re set. Like, for life.

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