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Our Trip to the Zoo! (With Wonderful Halos Mandarins)

Our Trip to the Zoo! (With Halos Mandarins) / Bev Cooks

(This post is definitely in partnership with Wonderful Halos, but all ramblings and citrus inhaling are my own. We coo?) Halos! Raise your hand if you bring one or 40 of these bags home from the grocery store every week? (I’m raising both hands. And legs.) I remember growing up what a PAIN peeling an […]

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Growing Old Gracefully Can Suck It

My Skin Journey with Kansas City Wellness Center and MedSpa

Also known as, I turned 40 and had a Herculean panic attack. It’s one of those things we’re not really supposed to talk about. We might even be trained to feel guilty about it. Or heaven forbid, vain. Because you know, we have to keep our kids happy! Our homes clean! Our marriages solid! Our […]

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Sleeping with Dirty Lemon. Wait, That Came Out Wrong.

Dirty Lemon Sleep Beverage / Bev Cooks

Zzzzzzzzzzzz. (This post is definitely in partnership with Dirty Lemon, but all ramblings and opinions are totally my own. I’m whispering this, so I don’t wake you. We coo?) Sleep. SLEEP. Sleep. Do you know this word I speak of? Ring any snooze buttons? Ah, you might vaguely remember this “sleep” thing. Long before your […]

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16 Favoritest Things in 2016

Wicked Good Slippers - L.L. Bean

Happy 2017! I think I already said that the other day, but I’ll say it again. Happy 2017! That probably makes three times now. Whatever. “People stopped saying “whatever” five years ago.” “Whatever. I’m outie 5000.” <–name that show. Before we get too nestled into the new year, I wanted to go back and give you my […]

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How to Host a Rosé Wine Tasting Party.

How to Host a Rosé Wine Tasting Party / Bev Cooks

You know I like rosé, right? I like rosé. The wine. I like it a lot. The rosé wines. So I hosted a blind tasting party! And by blind I mean, we were blindfolded. I didn’t jab my guest’s eyeballs out upon arrival. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not that kind of person. It was […]

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Friday Flotsam

Feet in Cabo

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFriday. Do your hands ever forget what they’re supposed to do? You know like, muscle memory? Actually, not that. But more like, they just straight forget the order of movemental motions. Okay wait. What I mean, specifically, is when you’re either rubbing eye makeup remover on your face, or applying moisturizer. You know how your […]

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How to Host a Backyard Movie Night

How to Host a Backyard Movie Night / Bev Cooks

“LET’S GO TO THE MOVIEEES. LET’S GO SEE THE STAAAARS”. (<–name that movie) So. We’ve hosted two of these backyard movie shindigeroos so far, and I have just one thing to say: “FRED AND GINGER, SPINNING MADLY.” Just kidding. Although now of course I’m dying to watch Annie outside. These are so much fun! SO.MUCH.FUN. […]

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