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Our Autumn Road Trip Across Missouri!

Our Road Trip Through Missouri! / Bev Cooks

A road trip through Missouri, at last! Even better, it was in autumn while the leaves were changing and she was showing off all of her gorgeous colors.  So, okay, we basically had three days to do 87 million (fun!) things across my neighboring state, and did we achieve it? Heck yeah, we did. Missouri […]

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Monthly Mixtape: ROAD TRIIIIIIIP!

Bev at Tom's Town

No, this photo has nothing to do with a road trip, why do you ask? Truth is, I just like it! AND THAT IS RARE. I put it in Stories the other day, and a shocking number of people said, “Shame on you, Ma’am! Put that somewhere permanent!” Well, if I must. Even if it […]

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