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My Trip To Israel: Part Two

My Trip To Israel: Part Two / Bev Cooks

I triiiiiiied. I tried to narrow down the photos. I really did. Just to prepare you for what’s ahead, we’re looking at 57 photos. Just scroll fast and take it in! You don’t even have to read my blab session. I’ll keep it brief, I swear! (<–hahahaha) This is the Magic of Israel, Part Two. […]

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My Trip To Israel: Part One

My Trip to Israel: Part One / Bev Cooks

I went to Israel! Which is probably obvious based on the title of the blog post and just how often I blabbed about it over the last thirty days. I told myself, “Keep it to twenty photos, Bev!” I’m hilarious. Let’s take a look at the first two days of the trip! This whole adventure […]

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