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Monthly Mixtape: Fresh Rhythm and Crisp Sheets

Monthly Mixtape: Fresh Rhythm and Crisp Sheets / Bev Cooks

Happy New Yeaaaaaaar! Let’s ease into this thing, ‘mkay? Last year I left you with music, and this year, I’m welcoming you back with music! It’s the only way. That and, I got lazy yesterday and didn’t want to edit a recipe. (WHERE ARE EMOJIS WHEN YOU NEED THEM.) How was your break? Too long? […]

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Monthly Mixtape: Everything Old is New Again

Monthly Mixtape: Everything Old Is New Again

Aaaaaaaand it’s 2018. How? HOW! h o w. I’m actually quite eager for the new year, unlike grumpy mcfuss pants. ^ I don’t MIND January. Kind of like it, truthfully. It’s that one month of the year where goals and motivation and fresh starts are bouncing around the cerebral walls like teenage butterflies on Taylor […]

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